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Feijóo offers to help Sánchez change course with some PGEs adapted to the crisis and military spending

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PP leader Alberto Núñez Feijóo this Tuesday offered CEO Pedro Sánchez his party’s support if he “corrects” and “changes course” as Spain heads for a “deep economic crisis”. For this reason, he stressed that the goal must be to change this year’s bills and adjust the 2023 budgets to the expected “slowdown” and military spending that Spain committed to at the NATO summit.

“Biden is gone, but inflation is still there,” Feijóo began his speech to leaders of the community he met in Congress to prepare for the State of the Union debate that begins next week.

The opposition leader has reiterated that the situation in Spain is “very complex” and stressed that the facts show the country is headed for “a deep economic crisis” while the Sánchez government “denies the evidence and looks the other way”. like, as he said, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in 2007.

Feijóo has indicated that the nation’s debate, which has not been held since 2005, is a time for Sánchez to “reconsider his position and change his policy,” starting with the 2022 PGE amendment to adapt it to the inflationary situation adjust and increase defense spending.

“The weakness within the government is one of the major risks facing the Spanish economy. If the 2022 budget stops working and we propose to update it, it would be dramatic not to approve the PGE in our country,” he explained, insisting that it is “essential” that the executive branch “change course “.


After the PP’s victory in the Andalusian elections, Feijóo criticized the fact that the government’s response was to “react with more sanchismo”, “doubling down on the ideological war against a fictitious enemy that only seeks division and confrontation in the face of moderation.” , stability and the unity that government should guarantee to the nation”.

Feijóo has criticized the agreement with Bildu in the Law on Democratic Memory, confirming that Sánchez is now applying the “second version of his resistance manual” with a “gross pretext of appropriating the state and its institutions”, citing what happens a week at Indra is or the INE.


Source europapress.es

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