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Feijóo: “If there were elections in Spain on Sunday, Sanchez would lose the presidency”

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He hopes Vox voters will return to the PP because “in the face of a recession” you can’t delegate to those who “never got anywhere”.


PP leader Alberto Núñez Feijóo has hailed his party’s “historic electoral success” in last Sunday’s elections in Andalusia because “they would never have” achieved an absolute majority in that community, and predicted that the electoral setback suffered that The PSOE would expand throughout Spain if general elections were held at that time.

“If there were elections in Spain, if we voted in Spain next Sunday, President Sánchez would lose the government presidency and the PSOE would lose the elections by force,” Feijóo explained in an interview on Telecinco collected by Europa Press.

However, the leader of the PP has admitted that there will be no elections now and “a lot of partying ahead”. At that point, he added, he would work to ensure that “a change of government takes place in Spain” because it was “essential” for the country and for the PSOE itself, which he recalled was “wrong” with the coalition Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba himself “qualifies as Frankenstein”.

The leader of the PP has criticized the fact that the pro-government Podemos supports an “anti-NATO” demonstration that comes with the Atlantic Alliance summit taking place in Madrid next week.

“If you explain that there are Communist Party ministers in this country and that there is so much populism in the government, a European partner doesn’t believe it,” Feijóo said a day after traveling to Brussels for a meeting with his colleagues by the European People’s Party (EPP).


He also criticized the fact that the nation’s government relies on “two pro-independence parties” – a nod to the ERC and Bildu – to approve the country’s laws and general budget, stressing how difficult it is to explain that in Europe.

“Spain is a country in the EU that has many difficulties in being homologated with the rest of the countries of the union and we must not continue there because it is not only an ideological anachronism but also a danger for the country’s economy and for the structure itself and structure of the institutions,” he claimed.

Asked if he thinks the government president has reached the cap, Feijóo pointed out that the country is in a moment of “tremendous trouble” and warned that they would see the reality when “the champagne moment of summer ends”. country lives.

However, he stressed that Sánchez had “the greatest electoral influence of any PSOE leader in its history” because the PP won an absolute majority in “the PSOE’s vote barn in Andalusia, where he ruled for 40 years”. . while the Socialists have had “the worst result in their history”. For this reason, he is convinced that if there were generals now, Sánchez would leave Moncloa.


Feijóo has assured that the result of the Andalusians sends a message to all Spaniards that stability, leadership and “educationalism” are noted “on the rise”. In his opinion, “it is possible to return to the majorities to govern Spain stably” and the “frivolous” policy based on “insult and disqualification” will be “repealed”.

He has also recognized that Vox voters are “returning to the PP” and pointed out that the party led by Santiago Abascal “has no experience of governing”. “I don’t think that in the face of a crisis and a recession like we’re already experiencing, it’s important to sign a person who has never accomplished anything,” he added.

Here he pointed out that if a citizen wanted “the PSOE, the Communist Party, the IU and Podemos not to remain in government”, he would have to vote for the PP, which was “the alternative”. As he said, “there is a risk” that the current executive branch will survive if centre-right votes are divided.

Source europapress.es

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