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Federal prosecutors expect “continuity” from the new attorney general: “He intervened in dark Delgado episodes”



The President of the Prosecutors Association, Cristina Dexeus, has assured that with the appointment of Álvaro García Ortiz to succeed Dolores Delgado after his resignation, she expects “continuity” in the leadership of the Attorney General’s Office (FGE) and warned of his intervention “in some of the dark episodes” of the former Attorney General.

“Although we need to give ourselves a minimum of time to see how he behaves, we don’t expect big changes,” he said, noting that Ortiz has been Dolores’ alter ego during that tenure and “intervened in some.” have its dark episodes”.

Dexeus, who sees Delgado’s appointment as “devastating” for the institution’s image as it represents an attack on the principle of neutrality, has predicted that the successor in office, Álvaro Ortiz, will continue with the previous government.

“It promoted him to the first category and made him head of a technical secretariat which, of course, did not work to develop the FGE doctrine but worked for the benefit of Delgado as Attorney General,” he pointed out.

As for Delgado’s future, he has indicated the new position of prosecutor of the Chamber of Democratic Memory as one of the possible positions that Dolores Delgado aspires to after resigning as Attorney General this Tuesday after two and a half years in office. although he has pointed out that there is another place outside of the announced tax race.

In an interview in Cope collected by Europa Press, Dexeus has pointed out that the “most obvious” way out for Delgado seems to be the memory prosecutor’s office, the content of which is still “unknown” because the new law on memory “creates confusion on the matter “. on the intervention that a memory prosecutor might have when the criminal investigation of events that occurred so long ago appears impossible under the amnesty law”.

He has assured that this is one of the possible exits for Delgado, given that amendment 603 of the bankruptcy code has been “aborted” which “autonomously rewarded him with promotion to the first category”.

The Socialist faction in the House of Representatives included one in its amendments to the bankruptcy law that stipulates that if the Attorney General is a member of the tax career, he will be given the category of Prosecutor of the Supreme Court Chamber upon his dismissal from the post. If things had gone that way, it would have allowed Delgado to resign as Supreme Court prosecutor.


Source europapress.es

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