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Fashion trends: Strawberry is the reason for summer. But why only? – style

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For her: just almost childish

The strawberry is the new watermelon, what used to be the new pineapple. No, in the middle was the cherry! The lifestyle industry regularly designates a fruit as an it fruit and then uses it in all sorts of ways. There’s really no plausible explanation for the fact that “Strawberry Gucci” is now written on a t-shirt, at most trends are now made on Tiktok, where a ruffled “Strawberry Dress” celebrated a smash hit last year. By the way, women wore embroidered berries on coats as early as the 18th century, and designers from Elsa Schiaparelli (lover of grapes) to Christian Dior (admirer of berries) and Miuccia Prada (fan of bananas) have repeatedly worked on fruit theme. Strictly speaking, of course, that is not possible, we women are not sweet little fruits! This cute adult t-shirt from the children’s hipster brand Bobo Choses, where the target group (bourgeois bohèmi) is already in the name, clearly hints at the infantilization of those who used to wear cannabis leaves in a bad mood on their chest. Boring, like Harry Styles’ summer hit “Watermelon Sugar High”! However, he recently explained on stage that it is about the female orgasm. Which should finally make us old cynics realize that we grossly underestimate Gen Z, they are just as politically incorrect as we are! It’s just not ambiguous, which is why the message needs a subtitle. There is something worse.

Ladies and gentlemen: indefinite
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For him: just good

If I had to name a male fruit, or rather a fruit harvested as a male, the strawberry would come to mind quite late. Although it is still at the top in terms of enjoyment and of course somehow perfect, as a symbol it is a bit lazy, old-fashioned, in any case not to be taken seriously. Perhaps because his image will soon be everywhere again like a clumsy little plastic house on the side of the road. Or because the somewhat strawberry products do not correspond at all to the spirit of the times, everything has to be at least Tonka-Mango. In any case, serving yourself a simple strawberry yogurt in the coworking space today is unthinkable and as subversive as a horrible fruit chocolate called Yogurette. for running to go, which unfortunately also carries this peeled strawberry charm very strongly. But now a cuddly fashion fixer like JW Anderson shows up and says to himself: Let’s get a strawberry sweater vest right! As big as possible on the front, the fruit itself cropped in color a little against usual viewing habits, and the above subject is already dewy again and somehow even really nice. Lo and behold, the strawberry pattern works well, even if the target group of buyers of this expressive tank top is quite small. But the message in the window and on the catwalk is cheerful and capable of winning majorities. Because strawberries are, among many other things, above all everyone’s childhood memory and also extremely peaceful beacon creatures. We urgently need more of that in these times.

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