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Farmaenlace supplies its pharmacies during the national strike thanks to an alliance with Equair

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Pharmalink, an Ecuadorian company specializing in the sale of pharmaceutical and basic necessities, sets up air shipments of products to guarantee the supply of its chains: Farmacias Económicas and Medicity. This contingency plan against national unemployment is possible thanks to a strategic alliance with Equair.

So far, two shipments of around 3,000 kg each have been made. It is estimated that up to 2 daily shipments of similar characteristics can be made as long as the situation justifies it. Thanks to this initiative, the supply of medicines and wellness products is guaranteed in various regions of the country, especially in the provinces of Guayas, Manabí, El Oro, Los Ríos, among others.

“Strategic alliances are essential in crisis situations, because they allow us to join our efforts to achieve objectives, not only organizational, but also those that promote the common good, which is why we do not hesitate to to combine with Equair to protect the health of the population, minimizing the risk of shortage of essential medicines”, said Iván Naranjo – Supply Chain Manager of Farmaenlace.

Due to the national strike, Farmaenlace currently supplies 140 points of sale and 70 distributor customers in Quito, out of a total of 700 normally supplied. Through air shipments, it is estimated to supply at least 148 points. During the first flight, the shipment of medicinal, nutritional, consumer, moisturizing and disposable products such as diapers was prioritized. Subsequent shipments will focus on medical and pharmaceutical line products.

The Supply Chain Management performs a supply analysis for each of the points based on the news of the opening and closing of the routes. With this, the level of supply and the mechanisms for carrying out the shipment, whether by land or air, are defined. Thus, Farmaenlace and Equair guarantee access to pharmaceutical products in areas affected by roadblocks.

Source metroecuador.com

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