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Farewell messages to “Cerecita” from his colleagues in the De Boca en Boca program

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This Tuesday the unfortunate news of the death of Miguel Cedenobetter known in the Ecuadorian entertainment world as “Cherry on the cake”. The presenter was battling lymphatic cancer at the age of 35.

Friends, colleagues, celebrities and famous Ecuadorians mourned his loss with posts on their social media remembering him with photos or videos of his best moments. They can’t believe their smile has faded. Undoubtedly, a blow for Ecuadorian show business, especially for his program companions ‘From mouth to mouth’ who in their messages published that they were with him in his last moments.

Silvana la Veneno Torres, Lissette Cedeño and Emilio Pinargote posted messages on their social networks to say their last goodbyes. Just three weeks ago, the show hosted Miguel Cedeno and paid him a moving tribute.

Liss Cedeno

Hours before the news of his death, the show’s presenter posted a photo with Miguel and the message, “I love you, you can.”

In his message, he indicated that he was with him until the end and posted the time 12:28. With a series of images, he said goodbye to his great friend.

“Until the end with your friend 12:28. You fought until the end my fat, my friend, the most vain of all, warrior, dreamer. And now, who should I bother with so much intensity and now, who should I tell to eat something delicious. And now who will wake me up at 6 am, who will I complain to if you are gone 💔 you will always live in me, thank you Miguel for so many things. Fly high cherry”, writes his partner, better known as Veneno Torres.

Emilio Pinargote

He revealed that he writes his message at 5:40 and it’s not easy at all, he says goodbye to Miguel and asks him to look after you from above.

“Who would have thought, my fat man, that today your friends were with you until now, you have gone ahead of me on the journey that we will all take one day. You fought it with your heart, you approached God through our Virgin of heaven who allowed you to see her sweetness, you had and reflected peace on your face, you were light for many people in your approach. God has truly accomplished his purpose with you and today you are enjoying heaven because you were called by him. Writing this at 5:40 a.m. isn’t easy at all, but I keep the jokes, the anecdotes, the calls, the jodas in the studio, with your contagious laughter. Fly high my friend and citizens above to those of us who remain here in this world.

Source metroecuador.com

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