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Fantasy Baseball: The Most Underrated Draft Picks You Can Make In Rounds 1-10

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Whether due to past failures, current situations, or fear of the unknown, some big-name or highly-talented players are underappreciated in fantasy baseball drafts.

Sometimes taking a flight, or a leap of faith, in these players ends up paying big dividends later on, leaving you wondering why they were ever underrated in the first place.

We have already discussed safe players. Now, here are my top picks for underrated gems in drafts, with one player for each of the first 10 rounds according to Yahoo ADP.

Jose Ramirez shouldn’t just be a top five pick, but maybe even a top three pick.

Ramirez is a legitimate 30-30 threat who can’t hurt you in batting average (the average batting average in 2021 was .244; Ramirez has only one season batting below .255, in 2015). Considering how weak the fantasy third base position is in 2022, Ramirez becomes even MORE valuable as the best available option in the hot corner.

I’m a little biased here because Tucker was one of the driving forces behind me securing a fantasy championship last year, but hey, would anyone be mad at .294/.359/.557 with 30 home runs and 14 stolen bases?

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There is an untapped ceiling here with Tucker that is supported by an already strong floor. The 25-year-old is one truly monster season away from being a perennial first-round pick.

There is a curious subsection of the fantasy baseball community, and the baseball community in general, that seems to be waiting for the wind to blow out of Anderson’s sails. As if he wasn’t the elite hitter that he has been in recent seasons.

Tim Anderson’s fantasy baseball draft placement is drifting to the value side. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

While they’re busy debating when he’ll back down, I’ll happily take what I see as second-round fantasy talent (a high-class batting average and 30-25 lead) in the top of the third.

Round 4: Liam Hendriks, RP, Chicago White Sox

You could argue that Hendriks deserves to be the best closer in fantasy baseball drafts over Milwaukee. joseph hader. As it stands, the two are separated by six players; I think that gap should be much, much smaller. Hendriks plays for the best team and as one of the few true ninth-inning workhorses in an age when safe sources of saves are so scarce, one could argue that he is more valuable than some of the batsmen around him. in the fourth round. .

I was surprised to see Arozarena with a fifth-round ADP when the draft season started to pick up. What don’t I like about his profile? He’s in his prime, playing for a winning team, has clear 20-20 ability and has already proven to be an all-around offensive force when it matters most (see: 2020 playoffs). That may not carry weight during fantasy season, but he does for real-life managers.

I would prefer Arozarena over the likes of Nick Castellanos, Cedric Mullins and Teoscar Hernandez – all of whom go several selections before him.

Much of Realmuto’s value comes from the fact that he’s arguably a top three batting catcher, but his ADP doesn’t reflect that (by comparison, Salvador Perez is being selected in the third round). That said, what underestimates him in 2022 is that he will now be isolated by a Phillies lineup that just added the aforementioned Castellanos and kyle schwarber to a mixture that already contained Bryce Harper, Rhys Hoskins and Juan Segura.

Sorry for the Phillies’ pitching with the lack of a strong defense behind them, but at least they’ll get some run support. Realmuto should benefit from that as he hits prominently in the lineup.

You mean to tell me I can draft one of the last true workhorses, ninth-inning closers who also own elite stuff in the seventh round?

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Yes, say no more, sign me up!

Round 8: DJ LeMahieu, 1B/2B/3B, New York Yankees

LeMahieu had a pretty bad year by his standards in 2021. There’s no point in debating that.

but it was then Is it wrong that he’s an 8th round value in fantasy leagues? That seems like a lot for a guy who can win his batting average category on his own while putting up double-digit home runs and the potential for triple-digit runs scored and RBIs.

LeMahieu is likely to find himself at the top of the Yankees’ improved lineup (yes, he’s improved even if it doesn’t look like it) many times this season and his infield versatility ensures it. I’ll take the draft discount on the 34-year-old future player.

Round 9: Jorge Polanco, 2B/SS, Minnesota Twins

Polanco has been a staple of many of my fantasy teams in recent seasons, mainly because his ADP is almost always down relative to his production.

He’s not a batting average hurdle in the 2022 era of baseball, he’s got 25-15 potential and can throw a fair amount of runs and RBIs. That’s a ninth round lead.

Round 10: Chris Bassitt, SP, New York Mets

Bassitt’s entire career of late has screamed “underrated.” Consider that, since 2018, Bassitt has compiled a 3.07 ERA, a 1.16 WHIP and a 29-14 record. Sure, you want more strikeouts, but there are Ks galore elsewhere in the draft.

Now he’ll play on a Mets team with a stronger lineup and one of the best pitching parks in MLB. Bassitt seems like the kind of guy who could be a linchpin in a successful fantasy baseball rotation, and he’s being drafted in the 10th round.

Stay tuned for the most overrated picks of 2022 coming soon!

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