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Fans demand respect from Adam Sandler after ‘Claw’ premiere and want it at the Oscars

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since its creation ‘Claw’ more than one has wanted to analyze the direction taken by the career of Adam Sandler, Well, despite the fact that he didn’t give up acting, he wanted to show another more dramatic and serious side that is very much part of his personality.

And it is that in this production you can see a more mature actor who is more than ever ready to take off the comedian tag to make way for a new, more complex version and with which he will surely win many fans who applaud and follow each of his projects in which he is in front of and behind the cameras, because after the agreement he made with Netflix he is ready to go the extra mile and provide quality entertainment for all tastes.

That’s why after the premiere of this film, more than one loyal fan took it upon himself to defend this new facet of Sandler, since he also had several “haters” who indicated that they did not see with a good eye the turn he is giving to his career.

Fans demand respect from Adam Sandler after ‘Claw’ premiere

This generated a wide debate on social networks, because there are still those who Adan Sandler continues in his work to make audiences laugh, situation that did not occur so visibly in ‘Claw’ what many wanted or expected to see even for the highlights of this story. This has annoyed some of his followers, while others have seen this change with a very good eye, with which he also demonstrates his interest in offering more than the gift of making others laugh through his stories.

Some have even argued that this production could well lead to a nomination for the prestigious Oscars, because he shows his most human side, sensitive, serious and eager to show a change not only professionally, but also very personally. As if that were not enough, there are those who consider this plot to be very motivating and inspiring, since Sandler takes on the role of mentor and being the one who leads others to move forward, despite adversity or obstacles that may prevent them from achieving their goals.

Thereby more than one viewer considers very loyal continue to support this type of proposal proposed today by this actor and director who wishes to show a before and after of his successful career, despite the criticism.

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