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Failure “In all friendship”: This is why there is no new episode today

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The news of the current series in the GALA ticker: “In all friendship”: There is no new episode today +++ “Storm of love”: It is planned for the summer break.

The news of the series in the GALA ticker

July 26, 2022

“In friendship”: That’s why a replay is airing today

Fans of “In All Friendship” must today do without their favorite hospital series. As already announced on the official Instagram account, “In All Friendship” is going on summer vacation. A small consolation for viewers: this is probably the shortest summer break ever. Because the series will not be canceled until Tuesday, July 26.

Fans don’t have to do without it completely today either, because instead of a new episode, a rerun of 2017 will be shown – and very special at that: Because actor Dieter Bellmann, † 77 years, would have been 82 years old on July 24. Fans still know him from his role as Professor Simoni. The repeated episode marks the final appearance for the actor, who died shortly afterwards in November 2017.

July 25, 2022

‘Storm of Love’: During the summer break, fans will be treated to games and a behind-the-scenes look

“Storm of Love” viewers must be strong in the near future. “The ‘Storm of Love’ will be canceled for the next three weeks,” actor Sepp Schauer, 73, said in a video on the telenovela’s Instagram channel. “But to sweeten the weather a bit for you and for us, we’ve come up with a few ideas,” continues the actor, known to fans as Alfons Sonnbichler. “We’re playing games with you and giving you exclusive behind-the-scenes info like never before on our social media and all of the ‘Storm of Love’ online channels. So there’s no reason to be sad. .”

A small consolation for the fans. Many viewers are gathering under the comments, for whom the next three weeks will obviously be very hard. “I will miss you and can’t wait to see you all again,” wrote one fan and continued, “Looking forward to everything from you guys here over the summer break.” However, some see the said break as a bad omen: “These three weeks are the beginning of the end. Test phase for Hirschhausen.” This means the format that will air for the next three weeks in the “Sturm der Liebe” slot: “Team Hirschhausen! Simply live better”.

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