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extremely centrist

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I’m not from Twitter. I’m not even there. However, I know what is going on in this network because, even if I don’t want it, there are voices and there are echoes, and we live in times of echo, echo, echo eee and, even if I don’t open an account , I watch programs on TV revolving around the tweeting riots, and I get messages on my phone about who zascaed whom. Because of this, I know that extreme centrism is a problem. Today, given the results of the Andalusian elections, it should be like that again. The concept makes me uncomfortable: I remember the invention of the UCD as a white sign of democracy. Like this game for those who didn’t believe in games – other than football – or in ideologies, but still wanted to join the Party of Democracy. Place the ballot in the ballot box. The UCD has sold you the fantasy of being nothing, being common sense and the possible, at most being Adolfo Suárez, star of the transition – with the permission of the emeritus – an attractive man who, with his moderation, would achieve something modernizing the country , which dampens the anger of both sides, as if both sides had been equally sulphurous. Playing on the cliché of extremes meeting, the UCD located the center of reason in the figure of an old blue shirt and gradually erased the traces of the anti-Franco struggle. The fantasy of being nothing is related to the fantasy of being nowhere, and the same thing happens to me with Twitter: it’s not possible. Later the capillary metaphor of the ideological scales was coined, as if after 40 years of juleps, banderillas and Cristo de los Faroles we had already managed to be a cosmopolitan and postmodern country. What a nonsense.

Centrism radicalizes itself into extreme centrism in the face of the awkward narrative of a left that does things but doesn’t know how to say it: it hasn’t learned the lessons marketing. Or maybe you learned them too well. And that is deceptive. Meanwhile, under the thick veil of moderation and an appeal to a center mistakenly identified with neutrality, the right normalizes behaviors that coincide with the postulates of neoliberal conservatism: public privatization, corporate supremacy, and economic seepage theory. fiscal delights for those who have more, misusing words like management, profitability, competitiveness or professionalism became a mantra to confuse countries with corporations. Hope, security, and the future are empty words that embellish the extremely centrist framework that subsidizes inheritance and gift taxes by 99 percent: Are these measures intended to close the inequality gap and make life easier for the middle classes? ? For extreme centrism is said to fake the opposite of what their policies achieve. A god asking and giving with the hammer. Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing. The natural family and the cross of Giorgia Meloni fit into the extreme centrism, but not so much the metal protests in Cádiz. Saccharin formula, with an orthodontic smile to perpetuate the meritocratic error in the sea of ​​plastic. Aside from the mask of moderation, I find no drying differences in the economic and social programs of the extreme centrist right and the very Spanish right.

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