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External scholarships in Saudi Arabia. 70,000 students are on appointment with 200 international universities

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Saudi Education Minister Hamad Al-Sheikh confirmed that the strategy of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Scholarship Program aims to send 70,000 students by 2030.

This comes through 4 tracks to the top 200 educational and training institutions around the world.

Al-Sheikh said, during a press conference, that the new strategy took the results of the analysis of nearly 90 scholarship programs applied globally, examined the strengths and weaknesses of these experiences, and reflected in the design of competitive content for the scholarship program. that suits national aspirations.

He pointed out that the application for the program will be available to all qualified people according to the requirements, and self-employment scholarships may be incorporated into the program when the requirements apply, and in accordance with the differentiation established in the program, according to “Periódico Al-Sharq Al-Awsat”.

The Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Ing. Ahmed Al-Rajhi, said that the program took into account the labor market strategy and raised the efficiency of the labor market, to bring Saudi Arabia into the ranks of the top twenty countries around the world in the labor market efficiency index and raise the economic participation rate from the reference 40% to 70% in 2030.

Al-Rajhi announced during the conference that 400,000 young men and women were able to work in the private sector for the first time during 2021, bringing the number of Saudis to two million employees, and that the percentage of participation of women in the work market it jumped from 22% to 32% thanks to the efficiency and seriousness of Saudi women at work.

He added that Imdaad’s follow-up will reflect the nature of the relationship between products and requirements, and will focus on forecasting supply and demand, as one of the human capacity development initiatives, to increase the level of coordination between educational products and the labor market.

For his part, the Minister of Communications and Information Technologies, Eng. Abdullah Al-Sawaha, said that the objective and main result of the scholarship strategy is for the Saudi citizen to be a global competitor, pointing out that the new thing about the strategy developed for the scholarship is the world-class innovative model, and the design of the scholarship journey before, during and after their scientific career, based on the research, development and innovation system, headed by the Crown Prince, and the National priorities are designed to reflect on the nature and mechanism of the scholarship program.

He noted that the scholarship in its new form is an integrated program that promotes a culture of lifelong learning, in response to global changes and the shift from a knowledge-based economy to a skills-based economy.

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