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Expo 2020 Dubai.. The Federation of Arab Chemists crowns Emirati cadres

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The Fazaa Pavilion of the Ministry of the Interior at Expo 2020 Dubai hosted the general meetings of the 40th session of the Supreme Council of the Union of Arab Chemists.

This was sponsored by the United Arab Emirates Chemical Society, culminating in the UAE winning the posts of President and Secretary General of the Union, led by Moza Saif Matar Al Shamsi, President of the UAE Chemical Society, while the Deputy Secretary General, Mr. Hamdan Al-Ajmi, a member of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Chemical Society, and the renewal of Ms. Ibtisam Kazem Mahawi Al-Jaari of the Iraqi Chemical Society as Financial Secretary.

Emirati global leadership in science and innovation

Al Shamsi dedicated the victory to the government and people of the Emirates, stressing that this achievement is a distinguished Arab recognition, not only for the daughter of the Emirates, but for the global cultural achievement of the Emirates in various fields, chief among them what is the interest of our wise leadership in the Emirates with science, scientists and innovation.

The activities of the meeting began with Moza Al Shamsi welcoming the participants, whereby the President of the thirty-ninth session of the Council, Professor Zaid Al-Othman, President of the Saudi Society of Chemists, began to approve the quorum for attend. extended his thanks and appreciation to the member associations and unions, expressing his pride that the UAE is hosting the gathering in the middle of the Expo, the only global event in Dubai, to hand over the chairmanship of the Federation to the Chemical Society. time, is headed by Professor Moza Al Shamsi, the current president of the Federation of Gulf Chemists.

The members of the Supreme Council, the “General Secretariat of the Union”, discussed and approved the administrative and financial reports, and viewed the activities of the last session, the most prominent of which was, in light of the Corona pandemic, the end of the chemical cultural season, which includes 25 specialized chemical talks in various fields of chemistry, all remote, with the participation of all the members of the member associations and unions.

The meeting was informed about the efforts of the General Secretariat in coordinating with the Egyptian Society of Analytical Chemistry and the Egyptian Society of Chemistry to organize the competition of the Ninth Arab Chemistry Olympiad. Participants were informed about the General Secretariat’s efforts to register the Federation with the League of Arab States.

The General Secretariat of the Union thanked the Chemical Society of Mauritania for organizing the International Chemistry Conference.

Great Efforts for the Arab Chemical Union

The meeting praised the efforts of the union’s media committee headed by Noura Al-Hammad, a member of the Kuwait Chemical Society, in creating social media accounts, media coverage and preparing the union’s website. .

The meeting approved the location of the forty-first meeting of the Supreme Council of the Union in Cairo, organized by the Egyptian Chemical Associations, and the date and place of the forty-second meeting of the Supreme Council in Bahrain. organized by the Bahrain Chemical Society.

The meeting at Expo Dubai was also briefed on the reports of the federation’s member associations and unions, the follow-up of the federation’s registration with the League of Arab States, and the approval of the union of the Egyptian Chemistry Scholarship Association. . to join the federation and the formation of the federation’s media team.

Dr. Alaa Attia, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Chemistry Scholarship Association, the latest association to join the union and which was announced last July under the umbrella of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, revealed that the association provides experts and consultants in all chemical sciences, organizes links between the graduates of the Faculty of Sciences and the factories, trains them in it, obtains the necessary knowledge and prepares them for the market Work and implement applied research in factories and introduce in them the idea of ​​preserving the environment.

Dr. Hassan Abdel-Gawad Hassan, member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Chemical Society, invited the members of the Supreme Council to attend the Fifth International Conference, which will be held by the Society in the city of “Marsa Alam” in the Red Sea coast in the Arab Republic of Egypt in the period from October 11 to 14 this year in cooperation with the British University entitled “Chemistry and global challenges”.

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