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Explosions in Lviv, terror against civilians, sunken ships

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Separatists have conquered parts of Mariupol, Lviv was apparently bombed, there are peace demonstrations all over Germany, and the number of coronaviruses is rising. The morning summary

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The situation in Ukraine

© Chris McGrath/​AFP/​Getty Images

Lviv has been shaken by several explosions. The western Ukrainian city is about 70 kilometers from the Polish border and has so far been considered relatively safe.

Apparently the Russian occupiers installed a new mayor in Melitopol. According to the Kiev government, the former mayor has been kidnapped.

In Kherson plans Russia according to Ukrainian information, a referendum on the founding of an independent “People’s Republic”. Volodymyr Zelenskyj warns against a pseudo vote.

Pro-Russian separatists have seized parts of Mariupol.

Terror against the civilian population is part of the Russian military strategy. Our author Hauke ​​Friedrichs shows that this is not just in the Ukraine the case is

It’s hard to find out how the people of Russia feel about the war. We asked six Russians.

Supporting Ukraine without risking nuclear conflict: My colleague Johanna Roth on the sensitive role of US President Joe Biden.

    Niklas Wesner for ZEIT ONLINE

© Niklas Wesner for ZEIT ONLINE

How to expose fake news? My colleagues Dagny Lüdemann and Lisa Hegemann have recommendations.

What Connects Putin to Hitler: Historian Heinrich August Winkler on the Russian President’s Development into an Ultranationalist. (Z+)

In China, opponents of the war don’t stand a chance.

“We are dependent, we are vulnerable, we are not sovereign”: my colleague Robert Pausch spoke with Green Party leader Ricarda Lang about the war.

Demonstrations against the war are planned again today in Berlin and other major German cities. 100,000 participants are expected in the capital.

All current developments can be found on our live blog.


Saudi Arabia executed 81 people in one day.


Several rockets have been fired at the city of Erbil in northern Iraq. The attack apparently targeted the US consulate.

The most important corona numbers

The number of new infections continues to rise: according to our data, 178,835 new infections were reported nationwide – 31,362 more than a week ago. The number of deaths fell from 171 to 133.


Do you have more time? I recommend these texts.


        Hannes Jung for ZEIT ONLINE

© Hannes Jung for ZEIT ONLINE

An unvaccinated nurse cares for a seriously ill man. They want and need each other. But then comes the mandatory vaccination and they both know: You’re going to lose. Our author Sebastian Höhn tells the story of him.


March 1972 was The Godfather to be seen in theaters for the first time. the New York Times tests how well you know the classic film, now five decades old.


More than 100 years ago, the resistance, the ship of adventurer Ernest Shackleton. Now it has been found in one of the last virgin places on earth. My colleague Linda Fischer reports. (Z+)

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