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Exercise for Weight Gain

Proper nutrition and diet are important for successful weight gain but the right exercise is vital. Without exercise, you will be able to gain weight by increasing your fat reserves but you will never be able to have a strong and healthy body.

Objection Against Exercise

Probably the first objection you have against exercising is that this way you are going to lose pounds off your precious weight. Sure, every physical activity burns calories but the advantages of exercising have outnumbered the disadvantages many times. First, by exercising you build muscles. Second, exercise increases the appetite and you will feel hungry rather than have to stuff yourself with food only because you have to. Third, exercising is useful for the mind as well, so as you see there are no excuses for being lazy.

You can exercise on your own or under the supervision of a coach. Generally, the second option is better but if you already have enough knowledge and the required equipment, you can exercise at home. Having a routine medical check before starting with the exercises is strongly recommendable because if you have conditions that you are unaware of, exercising might be dangerous.

Choose Activity Carefully

Since your aim is to put on weight, most likely your choice of physical activity will be related to bodybuilding. but you should know what is the ideal weight. This is a good option for both men and women. Although there are no forbidden sports, jogging, running, aerobics, etc. are not recommendable because they help to lose weight and you don’t want this. If you have never practiced bodybuilding in your life, don’t even think of exercising on your own – you can really damage your health and body! Besides, if you are new to bodybuilding, you will hardly have all the necessary equipment readily available at home and without the equipment, you can’t achieve a lot.

When you start your bodybuilding program, your coach will tell you also how to adjust your diet and daily regime in order to support your efforts in the gym. In the beginning, you will start with the not-so-intense program and if you are persistent, later both the duration and the frequency of exercises will increase.

Get Guidance

If a coach monitors you, it is not that much of a risk but if you are exercising on your own beware of overtraining. Overtraining is not the fast lane to a great body. Rather, it is the fast lane to spending a few days away from the gym. Besides that, your body will ache and you will feel awful, overtraining does lead to traumas and what is more important – a lack of strength gain over a prolonged period of time. By training a lot you can’t compensate for years of inactivity, so slow down and be patient. Getting step by step to the perfect body is the most fail-proof strategy.

After you have practiced for some time, let’s say half a year, you can expect visible improvements. But, please, be realistic in your expectations. After half a year, you are lucky if you have gained 10 pounds and extremely lucky if the gain is 20 pounds. If the scales say that you have gained 10 pounds but you don’t notice that your clothes don’t fit you anymore, don’t panic. Muscles weigh more than fat, so the fact that you still have the same measurements but are heavier means that you have gained muscle, rather than fat. This is good!

If you are practicing with a coach, he or she will certainly make you a program with exercises for all muscle groups. This is very important. You can’t have a harmonious body, if your shoulders are broad, your biceps and triceps are thicker than the legs of the majority of people but your abdominal muscles are either hidden in fat or not present at all. All groups of muscles – biceps, triceps, legs, chest, shoulders, back and abdominal muscles should be given enough attention.

Final Words

Needless to say, your weight gain depends on many things, not only exercise. An experienced coach might recommend you some kind of weight gain supplements if he or she decides that exercising alone is not enough for you. Weight gain supplements are not bad and you may need to take them, even if you are not preparing to be a professional athlete.

One of the factors that determine the effect of exercising on your musculature is the hereditary factor. Though nobody is an exact copy of his or her parents and grandparents, if most of your relatives are skinny, do not expect miracles like you becoming the first giant in the family. Hereditary factors play a significant role in building your body, though with the proper exercise you can do a lot to override them.

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