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Exchange of seamless saddles and pants against gluteal pain

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Göttingen (dpa / tmn) – After the first spring bike ride, you are flat, and often your butt feels the same way. After all, most of the body weight falls on the contact point between the buttocks and the saddle when riding a bike.

The good news: the bottom usually gets used to the initially unusual stress. This is stated by the bicycle press service (pdf-f). Buttock pain is often a self-limiting phenomenon.

But not always: if the pain persists, you should think about replacing the saddle. “It’s a gamble that the saddle fitted from the start will fit,” sports scientist Kim Tofaute told the pdf.

Clothes are usually the problem

A new saddle may also be recommended if you get off the bike with pain in the genital area. In this case, Tofaute recommends a saddle with raised areas and cutouts.

Often it is the seams of clothing that exert uncomfortable pressure and cause pain. Therefore, jeans are less suitable for the bike tour. “We recommend cycling shorts or seamless sports underwear. So nothing presses,” says Tofaute.

If you then get up from the saddle from time to time and relieve your glutes, you do a lot to ensure that nothing pinches or hurts you after the bike ride.

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