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Everything you need to dominate your March Madness 2022 group

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March Madness is upon us.

USA TODAY Sports is here with your one stop shop for the 2022 NCAA Men’s Tournament, with all the analysis and information you’ll need to win your bracket.

From the six overrated teams you shouldn’t count on to the teams that are ready to surprise like sleepers, this is the place for all your group needs.

Of course, you will first need a support. You can print one here!

You’ll also want to participate in USA TODAY Sports’ online supports. Join our group or create your own and invite your friends! And check out our experts’ picks from our national men’s college basketball reporters. The No. 1 seeds this year went to Gonzaga, Arizona, Baylor and Kansas.

Iowa Hawkeyes shooting guard Tony Perkins (11) and forward Keegan Murray (15) celebrate the Purdue Boilermakers’ loss at Gainbridge Fieldhouse.


  • CAPSULES OF ANALYSIS FOR EACH REGION: West | South | midwest | East

  • stay informed: Our sports newsletter will offer support tips every year. Sign up here.

  • Cinderellas: These five teams could put on the glass slipper and bust supports

  • Bracket Destroyers: Four smartest first-round picks for double-digit upsets

  • overrated and underrated: We have six teams not to choose from and six teams to choose from.

Madness Sunday Selection

  • march blues: ‘Devastating and heartbreaking’ for seven snubbed bubble teams

  • hot chair: Six seeds the NCAA selection committee botched big time

  • Longest losing streak in sport: The committee needs more time so as not to mess it up

  • ACC weakness: Columnist Dan Wolken Describes Dismal Conference Season

  • Final Coaches Poll: Gonzaga took the top spot ahead of Sunday’s National Team chaos

Expert selections from March Madness groups

You’ll also want to check out support picks made by experts on the USA TODAY network:

  • Scott Gleeson Support

  • Dan Wolken Support

  • Paul Myerberg Support

  • Eddie Timanus Support

  • Erick Smith Support

  • Jordan Guskey Support

More detailed coverage of college hoops

  • ‘Awesome baby’: ESPN broadcaster Dick Vitale recounts how he won his battle with cancer

  • Year of the ‘super senior’: How college basketball matured another year of COVID

  • Sportsmanship: There’s more than just the handshake line in college hoops

  • Anger control: Coach misbehavior figures prominently in sport

Coach K’s last hurrah

  • Duke’s path forward: A look at the Blue Devils’ route to New Orleans

  • Can Duke win it, kick out Coach K, right? If you can ‘learn from losing’ and ‘stay hungry’

  • durham end: Emotions poured out by Coach K in the last home game against UNC

  • Fans thank Coach K: Four decades of college basketball memories honored

  • mighty tribute: Dick Vitale writes an essay thanking Coach K

blast from the past

  • The worst slights in NCAA tournament history

  • The best March Madness teams of all time

  • Best March Madness moments of all time

  • NCAA Tournament Players You Love to Hate

  • The best Cinderella teams of all time

Coaches’ remuneration

  • big money: How Kansas coach Bill Self became the first to hit $10 million for a year

  • top five: These coaches were the most overpaid

  • top five: These coaches were the lowest paid

  • SECOND: League following the soccer model for college hoops

  • full database: Coaches Compensation Package

Follow college basketball reporter Scott Gleeson on Twitter @ScottMGleeson.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Tips for NCAA Tournament Brackets: Nuisance Picks to Master March Madness

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