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“Every second a child runs away”

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Habeck: An immediate embargo on Russia’s gas, oil and coal is not possible

According to Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck (Greens), Germany is not in a position to impose an immediate embargo on Russian coal, oil or gas. It was bitter to admit that, Habeck said Thursday at the Bundestag in Berlin. But that does not mean that nothing is being done. Step by step, the federal government is in the process of reducing this dependency.

The minister added that he understood the urgency with which people were saying ‘do it faster’. He acknowledged that an immediate embargo of the three products could be a “game changer” and that the situation would change immediately. “But maybe not,” he stressed, referring to Russian attacks on countries like Georgia and Syria, as well as the annexation of Crimea and sanctions imposed years ago. Therefore, it cannot be assumed with certainty that such measures will lead to an immediate result.

Habeck emphasized that the policy of the federal government was therefore not to act without thinking, but to create the conditions step by step for Germany to fight for freedom in foreign policy and security policy so that the measures it was taking could be carried out. cape. “This is the order of the day.” (eps)

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