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Every day more than 10,000 refugees arrive – so far it costs 26 million euros

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The reception of refugees in Berlin has so far cost 26 million euros

So far, Berlin has activated measures worth 26 million euros for the accommodation of war refugees from Ukraine. “We have challenges ahead that will weigh heavily on the budget”State Secretary for Labor Alexander Fischer said in the main committee on Wednesday. Berlin makes advance financial payments for measures for which the federal government is responsible.

Arrival numbers would be Escape events in 2015 “greatly overshadowed”Fisher said. In the last week, more than 10,000 people a day by train arrived at the main railway station and several thousand people from Ukraine at the central bus station. More than 1,000 people are currently staying in Berlin every day.

Thousands of war refugees from Ukraine arrived Tuesday night. At the main station alone, 5,500 got off the trains. Another 2,000 people arrived in Berlin by bus. This was announced by social senator Katja Kipping (left) on Wednesday when she visited an aid project. The country temporarily took in 1,500 of the new arrivals, more than before per night.

Kipping hopes so At the end of the week, the new arrivals center at the old Tegel airport it can be opened Refugees can already spend the night there. The successive will be there indoors up to 3000 beds built In the outer area north of the old Terminal C also two large heat tents with 1300 to 1900 beds being built.

At the arrival center Refugees registered and distributed to other federal states Will. Then there are those who stay in Berlin. Secretary of State Fischer said for the registration of 10,000 people per day, 400 positions are needed in the shift system. He is pleased that the Bundeswehr is now sending 80 soldiers through administrative assistance. These will be incorporated by employees of the State Office for Refugee Affairs starting Thursday.

In an interview with the Tagesspiegel, Kipping said he expected a sharp rise in the number of arrivals. “We have to prepare for the worst”Fischer made it clear about the expected flow of refugees in the committee. Berlin and Vienna are probably the main arrival points. Until now, he has been able to mobilize a lot for accommodation. How high the costs will be to the state and districts cannot be quantified today. “Additional expenses are not yet transparent”, said the Secretary of State for Finance, Jana Borkamp. Currently, each authority finances the costs of care and accommodation for refugees with its own budget titles.

The factions of the SPD, Greens, Left, CDU and FDP presented a joint motion bund requestedfederal states and municipalities to provide personal, material and financial support in the reception of war refugees bear the cost of registration, accommodation and assistance and make binding specifications for the distribution of people. The humanitarian reception of refugees is a national task. Torsten Schneider, parliamentary director of the SPD parliamentary group, demanded that the Prime Ministers’ Conference, which was held this Thursday, had to take a position on the matter.

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