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Eva Benetatou: Is she now dating “Bachelorette” Alex?

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The people news of the day in the GALA ticker: Alex, participant in the “Bachelorette”, is interested in Eva Benetatou +++ Julian Classen shows himself cooing with his Tanja +++ Samira Klampfl has had a “depression nervous”.

Celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker

July 28, 2022

Candidate “Bachelorette” Alex stings Eva Benetatou

With lots of love, that wasn’t enough for him on TV: “Bachelorette” Sharon Battiste, 31, served Alexandros “Alex” Chouliaras, 27, before dream dates. Now, the Greek seems to have found a new object of desire very familiar with the cosm “Bachelor”: Eva Benetatou, 30 years old.

The former ‘Bachelor’ contestant, who competed for the heart of 35-year-old Andrej Mangold in 2019, is Alexandros’ secret crush, as he reveals to ‘Bild’. The Entrepreneur: “I think Eva is great…I have to be honest.” It would suit them both. “It’s a bit of a cliché now that she’s also Greek. But I think she’s a very nice and attractive woman,” enthused the 27-year-old. Eva Benetatou is officially single after splitting from 33-year-old Chris Broy. Who knows how much longer…



July 27, 2022

Julian Classen is in love with his girlfriend

Their split caused a big surprise: After 13 years together, YouTube stars Bianca “Bibi” Classen, 29, and husband Julian Classen, 29, announced their split in May. While fans are still shocked by the sudden romance, the father-of-two is apparently already out of it. He is reveling in the bliss of love again and now everyone can officially see him.

His new girlfriend Tanja Makarić shares a photo on Instagram which probably shows her with Julian Classen shortly before a kiss. “Happier than ever,” the influencer writes of the snap in which she links her loved one and puts a white heart behind it. The couple are now making their love public. In mid-July, the two internet stars had already spent holidays together and bonded in Instagram stories.

Samira Klampfl gives honest insight into her daily life as a new mom

At the end of May, Samira Klampfl, 28, became a mother for the first time, her reality TV-faced daughter Serkan Yavuz, 29, was born alive and well. Since then, Nova Skye Sya has kept her parents on their toes, as the new parents openly and honestly recount on their ‘Samira & Serkan in Paradise’ podcast. In particular, the first week that Samira spent alone with her little girl pushed her to her limits. “It was great. I almost forgot about myself that week. It was so stressful,” Klampfl said. Things like showering, eating or cleaning were unthinkable: “I had such a nervous breakdown, I started crying,” reveals the 28-year-old.

July 26, 2022

Giulia Siegel celebrates at “Hugo’s” with her children Nathan and Mia

These are the moving words with which Giulia Siegel, 47, congratulated her twins Mia and Nathan on Instagram on their 20th birthday in May this year. She emphasized, “I love you more than anything and I’m so proud of you.” So proud that their offspring is allowed to accompany the DJane at public events.

The trio recently visited “Hugo’s” in Munich for the hip bar’s 15th anniversary and celebrated together into the night. But first, the reality star posed with her daughter and son – as it should – on the red carpet. Work before pleasure! At the after-show party, Mia and Nathan had a lot of fun with mom Giulia, as revealed by the 47-year-old’s Instagram Stories.

July 25, 2022

After a stroke: “Couple on tour” – Ina writes a love letter to Vanessa and her little girl

A few weeks ago, Vanessa from “Couple on Tour” announced via Instagram that his wife Ina was in the hospital and “unresponsive.” While Ina was plunged into an artificial coma after a stroke, Vanessa gave birth to her daughter. The 26-year-old’s condition is now stable and Vanessa visits her at the clinic as often as possible. They recently took their first family photo there.

Now Vanessa is sharing another recording that should calm fans down a bit. Because Ina wrote a lovely love letter to her Nessi, as she affectionately calls her, and to her daughter. “I love you both. Ina” reads a piece of paper. Additionally, the influencer painted two hearts. Vanessa is deeply touched by this gesture and writes in her Instagram story: “Ok, the letter was too much. In fact, I had planned not to cry today.”

“Couple on Tour” publishes the first family photo for three

A few weeks ago, “Couple on Tour” Vanessa scared her 2.4 million fans with a moving Instagram story: “The most terrible thing that could have happened to us has happened.” She reports that his wife Ina is in the hospital. The reason is now also known: the 26-year-old influencer suffered a stroke and is now slowly fighting to get her life back. The latest post from his wife Vanessa – also known as Nessi – is a beacon of hope for all fans who are worried about the couple: she publishes a first family photo of three.

When Ina was placed in an induced coma after the stroke, Vanessa was heavily pregnant and her daughter was born soon after. The new mum writes on Instagram about what the couple are currently going through and doesn’t sugarcoat anything: “First family photo – all three of us imagined this differently. I know it will never be the same again.” There are words of love for his courageous wife Ina: “But I am SO proud of you that you are already making such progress, Bubu. You were in a coma – we all feared for your life. We were so afraid for you. you…but you woke up and you have such a fighting spirit. That’s exactly why I fell in love with you, because you never give up.”

Ina wants to fight for his wife Nessi and his daughter. Early rehabilitation has already begun. When Ina asked if her daughter already loved her, even though she’s only seen Ina twice, Nessi emotionally replied, “Of course you’re her mom. She will always love you.”

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