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Escaped cows wander the road after a trailer overturned on Interstate 5 in Oregon

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Interstate 5 in Oregon was closed for three hours after a cattle trailer overturned on March 13, loosening more than 30 dairy cows on the highway.

footage of Dave Tragethon shows the trailer, which had overturned near the Wilsonville Road exit, lying on its side as several cows wandered through traffic.

“We were about three or four vehicles behind, behind two semis, from the accident when we noticed cows on the freeway,” Tragethon told Storyful. “All the vehicles stopped as the cows wandered and ran alongside our vehicle.”

The surviving cattle were rounded up and loaded onto another cattle trailer, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue. he said in a tweetand so declared that the driver “did not require medical transportation.” Credit: Dave Tragethon via Storyful

video transcript

– Oh my God. – Take photos. – Oh my God. – Slow down. I bet the cows went overboard. Can you stop here so we can see? – We’re not there, so we don’t know what the situation is. But I want you to make sure you’re safe, especially if there’s traffic. [INAUDIBLE] if they are walking in traffic [INAUDIBLE]. – Yes. – OK thank you. Here, darling. – Wow. – Let’s stay here. come here [WHISTLES] Come here babies. oh my god – It’s not something you see every day on I-5… – Oh my god. – –or I-205. And here come some more. – Oh Lord. – [CHUCKLE] – Amazing.

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