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Erika Vélez is beautiful and spectacular when she practices this extreme sport

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July 26, 2022 at 07:55

Erika Velez is an Ecuadorian television celebrity. Her appearance in several soap operas made her the famous personality she is today. She is also considered one of the most beautiful women in the country. Currently, she is also active on social media. Thus, he frequently shows a bit of his daily life. La manabita brings us a new photoshoot looking like a woman who loves extreme sports.

Erika recently posted footage where she performs boxing “sparring” with a custom trainer. What’s surprising is that even because she exercises, she stops looking like a goddess.

The ‘post’ consists of 9 photographs. The first shows his piercing eyes, while half of his face is protected by huge red gloves. His hair turns into a warrior mane ready for anything.

Her costume is a lead-colored full lycra which, as always, allows us to observe her spectacular figure. In the next photo you can see in more detail how he shoots with his pupils while remaining on guard.

Now he allows us to look at her face, a combatively gestured, furious Erika seen in the fourth photograph, as she unleashes a powerful hook.

In boxing, she looks like a model

We return to stillness again and his face relaxes. She no longer looks like a boxer, but more like a beautiful model promoting the biggest fight of the year, although I would give a lot to be in front of her to take the hits.

Then, Erika wrinkles her nose as she rushes to the breastplates her trainer is holding in her hands. Finally it ends. Now we see her sitting, straightening up, hiding her death gaze between her fists.

Finally, training is over, like the iconic sequence with the famous Ecuadorian sitting, breathing and recovering.

Source metroecuador.com

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