48 hours after handing over the “subject of the verdict”, a 143-page document with the 700 questions to which you have to answer reasoned, the judge in the Marta Calvo case convened the people’s jury this Wednesday. She did this out of concern for the complexity of the challenge ahead, to give them encouragement and also advice on how to face this challenge, but also in anticipation that doubts might have arisen.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I cannot tell you how happy, grateful and concerned I am. You had an extraordinarily difficult case,” Justice Clara Bayarri told the seven women and two men who must decide whether Jorge Ignacio Palma committed more than thirty crimes, including the deaths of three young people, Marta Calvo, Lady Marcela and Arliene. and possible sexual abuse of these three prostitutes and seven others for drugging them by inserting cocaine into their genitals and anus without their consent.

The judge made use of Article 57 of the Jury Code, which speaks of the “extension of orders” and allows members of the court to request that session, but also allows the President to call it if 48 hours later, the “subject of the verdict.” ‘ delivered, no decision is made. “I didn’t call them today because I was in a hurry, but because I thought they might have raised a lot of doubts,” Bayarri said.

The jury’s doubts

In this case, the jury transferred only two. The first was about “macho domination,” and the judge has explained that it is a “cultural concept” of “supremacy” over women that can be committed in any crime, even if it has nothing to do with “intent ” has to do. “That’s a plus, a fact that’s part of it. It is within the act but outside of the commission of the crime. That’s a plus,” he said.

The second question raised was related to the crime that could be employed if the defendant knew that the amount he was drugging women with could result in death, but his intention was not that but his sexual experiences “on to take the lead”.

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The judge has reminded them that “when you see the yellow light, you can speed up or slow down” and also told them that responsibility is the same when the consequences materialize, whether it’s “direct fraud” or ” possibly”. . “The answer is the same: there is fraud, even if he has not stopped philosophizing,” he clarified. In any case, he also reminded her that he has some leeway when it comes to imposing the penalty.

Palma’s lawyer has attempted to steer the debate around whether or not her client’s primary intention was to bring about the deaths of young women, dodging the criminal nature of reckless murder.

hints and strategies

The President told the jury members that if they had just two doubts they were “very good” and commended their work. “They have very few doubts, they are supermen of the jury,” he told them. She has also agreed to hold more meetings like this one.

The public hearing lasted barely half an hour, and the President devoted a good portion of her speech to “pampering” the jury. “I give them a lot of encouragement. Don’t get confused and don’t sink me, you’ll see it’s like riding a bike, first start hitting yourself,” he pointed out.

The magistrate has encouraged them to keep going even when they get stuck and to keep reading “to the end” because they will see things “easier” each time.

He also gave them “another piece of advice”, telling them that when they sit down to relax “at night” they use the fact that they cannot watch TV to follow the instructions he has given them in writing , to read again without thinking about the concrete cases. “The instructions are clues,” he assured them, predicting that reading this way will trick their brains into associating them with specific cases. “Sometimes the tree doesn’t let us see the forest,” he reminded her.

The magistrate has also allowed the nine jurors, who have been isolated for deliberation at a hotel since Monday, to make phone calls to their families “under the supervision” of the officer acting as liaison officer.

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