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Empty Spain is not represented in its second election test

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The coordinator of deflated Spain did not receive representation in the Andalusian elections, the second elections in which they participated as a political platform, having not obtained a seat for the only province in which they expressed themselves through the “Jaén Deserves More” brand. presented. .

With more than 92% of the votes counted, the candidature of “Jaén deserves more” is the eighth option voted by the Andalusian citizens, with 0.5% of the votes even surpassed by PACMA and Ciudadanos.

In Jaén, the only province to which the coordinator of deflated Spain has approved, this candidacy is the list with the fourth most votes, with just over 5.8% of the votes, although it is far from getting a deputy for this constituency .

In this way, the coordinator of emptied Spain remains without representation in his second candidacy as an electoral tool, after the first time in Castilla y León the group ‘Soria Ya’ would save the election by winning in this province.

Despite the fact that in Castilla y León the candidacy of ‘Soria Ya’ was a great success and managed to save the furniture for the Empty Spain platform in its first touchstone, in Andalusia they did not have this fate and Jaén Merece Más was it watered down and without representation in the Andalusian Parliament.


The Andalusians were the second electoral test of the political platform of empty Spain, which had once established itself as an electoral tool last year. Management went to work with these elections and those of Castilla y León in mind.

However, the coordinator of deflated Spain was only able to mobilize one candidacy in Andalusia, through Jáen Merece Más, compared to the five provinces in which he ran in his first elections in Castilla y León, which eventually went without representation.

In September 2021, the more than seventy at the III. The groups present at the General Assembly agreed to create this voting tool to present themselves in all elections that had the opportunity.


The candidacy of “Jaén Deserves More” was born as a political party last March, before the exact date of the elections was known, by an Extraordinary General Assembly that agreed to follow this electoral path, in addition to asserting itself as a citizen movement.

So they finally decided to take part in these Andalusian elections as the only candidate from the deflated Spain, putting Antonio Sánchez-Cañete Moreno at the top of the list for that province, which ended up being left without representation.

They presented themselves as a provincial political party with a “constructive prosperity spirit born of the weariness generated by so many promises and unfulfilled projects by the various administrations over decades”.

Source europapress.es

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