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Emma Schweiger: sexy appearance on the red carpet with her boyfriend

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Emma Schweiger
She takes her boyfriend on the red carpet

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Big performance for Emma Schweiger: The actress let herself be accompanied on the red carpet by her boyfriend and shows her sexy side.

Emma Schweiger was five years old when she played her first major film role. She was seen in “Keinohrhasen” alongside her 58-year-old father Til. That was almost 15 years ago now. The little girl at the time is barely recognizable and grew up to the age of 19.

Emma Schweiger is in love

She has since retired from public life. Instead of being on screen, fans are seeing Til and Dana Schweiger’s youngest daughter, 54, on social media. The 19-year-old is keeping her community up to date on Instagram.

For a few months now, Emma has been torturing herself on the internet on social media and showing unusually private glimpses of her love life. Her new post shows how serious her relationship with her boyfriend is: Emma Schweiger takes her beloved on the red carpet!

Emma Schweiger: She takes her boyfriend on the red carpet

© instagram.com/emma.schweiger

Emma Schweiger: On the red carpet with her beloved

Emma Schweiger poses for photographers in a bright blue two-piece suit, complete with bright green high heels and a sparkly bag. Your partner sports a rather colorless look and chooses a beige t-shirt with his black pants. The couple look shyly at the camera. Emma Schweiger leans on her boyfriend’s shoulder, and he too gets very close to his beloved. Here it becomes clear: there is no match between the two. The appearance on the red carpet is a success!

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