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Emirati society is a friend and supporter of the child

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The Professor of Education at the University of the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Ashraf Mustafa, highlighted the importance of the positive connotations and meanings that Emirati Children’s Day carries, which is the fruit of the future, the title of the present and an indicator of progress in the country. .
Dr. Ashraf said, in a statement to 24, that “Emirati society is a friend, supporter and main source of the child, as it has placed the Emirati child at the top of the government’s national agenda, in the belief of its leadership that the child is the future and the optimal investment for him, through building an advanced system in accordance with a legislative framework Clear standards and outcomes based on the skills identified by the UAE Vision 2071, in addition of building a shared knowledge system to develop the skills of children’s teachers and caregivers, working to develop the quality of educational programs, as well as working to create alliances with all stakeholders to raise awareness of the importance of the stage and improve the quality of the services provided.

modern schools
He added: “The UAE has established modern schools for its children based on creativity, conclusion and analysis, so that the product is a distinguished child who thinks and analyzes his surroundings. The state has also used the best educators to build a distinguished education. curricula focused on the future results that the state achieves in its strategic plan, by making its children future inventors, astronauts and others The state always takes into account the child’s education, education and construction of knowledge, in addition to caring for their development psychological and emotional. health and the satisfaction of their various needs, to create a generation of children capable of carrying the flag of the nation and placing it in the ranks of the developed countries.

He continued: “Through my practical experience as an educational scholar, I see the great interest that the UAE places on the development of children’s learning capacities at an early age, given the importance of early childhood development and its impact on the development of society as a whole, and when we talk about developing the educational capacities of the children of the Emirates, the success of this process depends on achieving the equation that guarantees the happiness, well-being and psychological health of the children, and at the same time achieve high educational results, exploit your full potential and prove your readiness for life.”

people of determination
The professor of education pointed out that “the vision of the State did not stop at this point, since its leadership did not ignore the children with determination, provided them with all their needs and issued an article on their educational rights in Federal Law No. 29 of 2006, which recommends their inclusion in public education schools In private education, the disability of the Emirati child did not constitute an obstacle to their integration into their society, thanks to the efforts of state institutions that developed strategies and practical plans that support and they enhance their psychological, cognitive and social health and their social participation, so that the state reaches the best indicators of happiness for their children of all sects and differences.

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