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“Emirati Energy” launches 4 national initiatives concerned with the sustainability of water resources

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The Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Suhail Al Mazrouei, explained that the issue of preserving water resources in conjunction with the increase in population and keeping up with the pace of development that the world is witnessing, represents a great challenge that requires defending the principles of international and concerted cooperation. efforts to meet the challenges in the field of water.

On the sidelines of the launch of 4 pioneering national initiatives related to the sustainability of water resources, Al Mazrouei said that the UAE government firmly believes that water security is a prerequisite for sustainable development efforts, which is why the UAE launched their 2036 Water Security Strategy aimed at ensuring sustainability and continuity of access to water during natural and emergency conditions Top priority is given to the sixth goal of the sustainable development goals on water.

projects and initiatives
He added that “scarcity of water resources is one of the biggest challenges facing our Arab region,” noting that in the UAE’s effort to tackle water-related challenges, the country’s competent authorities have implemented many major projects and They have used modern technology in water management, in addition to launching specific initiatives to rationalize the use of water and develop water resources.

He pointed out that the UAE faces a challenge represented by the scarcity of natural water resources because it is located in the dry areas that suffer from the scarcity of natural water sources due to lack of rain, high temperatures and lack of a permanent. water source, in addition to high water consumption due to population growth, lifestyle and requirements Economic and agricultural development, and the above circumstances have put a burden on the available water resources in the country with increasing pressures on the natural water resources, especially groundwater, which are subject to continual depletion.

He added that “there are challenges imposed by the water management method, which was characterized by the fragmented management of the water sector, with a focus on supply management clearly without parallel management of demand through the adoption of the water budget to meet the growing water needs for desalination of seawater with high economic and environmental costs, as well as the effects of climate change.” And dealing with emergency incidents that the water system may face are additional challenges that threaten the continuity of water services and the sustainability of water security”.

Launch of water initiatives
This occurred during the launch of 4 pioneering national initiatives concerned with the sustainability of water resources in the countries, apart from the Ministry’s participation in the World Water Week organized by the state at Expo 2020 Dubai, which includes the for water management in infrastructure assets, the initiative for integrated management of dams and water facilities, the water map project and the hackathon for the future of water in infrastructure assets, in the presence of representatives of federal government agencies and local.

The initiatives are part of the Ministry’s tireless efforts to support the objectives of the UAE Water Security Strategy 2036, which revolve around ensuring the sustainability and continuity of access to water, reducing the total demand for water resources by 21 %, reducing the water shortage index by 3 degrees, and increasing the reuse rate of treated water to 95%.

water map
Al Mazrouei launched the first phase of the Water Mapping Project, which aims to prepare a spatial database and digital map layers for groundwater reservoirs and surface water basins with high precision Determine potential, levels and quality of groundwater and will contribute to providing information related to the indicators of the sixth sustainable development goal on water resources, which is one of the initiatives related to the 2036 Water Security Strategy.

He said: “The annual meetings of the UAE government, which were held in November 2018, approved the project to develop the country’s water map, and the first phase of the project to complete the water map will be launched today. for the northern regions of the country, and includes Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah, which is a project that includes conducting a study and evaluation of groundwater and surface water sources to prepare a set of high resolution reference maps The “first phase” is being implemented in cooperation with the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, and the second phase is expected to be completed by the middle of next year, in coordination with partners from municipalities, departments of electricity and water and authorities in the country.

Dams and water facilities
Suhail Al Mazrouei also launched the integrated management initiative for dams and water facilities, which is based on a smart app dedicated to alerting dams and water facilities, and is one of the smart systems the ministry is working on to monitor the impact. of torrential rains and floods in valleys and dams in real time, in addition to classifying the risk areas according to the evolution of the rains, and the participation of The public receives feedback at the event sites during the rain, which enhances the social responsibility of individuals towards dams and water facilities The app is a suite of intelligent and advanced monitoring systems used for the first time in the Middle East that employs artificial intelligence to determine surface water flows during the period of torrential rains and floods and monitor their speed, height and volume Water flowing in dam valleys and its impact on groundwater recharge through available water sensors in dam lakes, monitoring wells and nutrition to monitor the level and quality of the water in the lakes of the dams and monitor the variables in the area of ​​the rep It operates in real time, which contributes to support decision-making.

digital system
His Excellency announced the launch of the “Digital System for Water Management in Infrastructure Assets” initiative, which highlights the most important smart technologies that contribute to the effective management of water in federal buildings, thus extending the useful life of buildings federal buildings and improving their sustainability in accordance with preventive measures to preserve water consumption in federal buildings, and the initiative aims to achieve national goals to raise the level of awareness and behavior among groups of society in the field from the rationalization of electricity and water consumption so that the level of consciousness rises from being a moderate conscience to the rationalization of a regular behavior of the target groups through the use of modern technologies in federal buildings and clarifying the mechanism of consumption according to the best international practices in this field.

The future of the aquatic hackathon
The hackathon for the future of water in infrastructure assets was also launched, which is the first hackathon with labor participation and aims to obtain a comprehensive vision that helps solve the water management challenges facing infrastructure asset management , and help identify the latest modern technologies and best practices in the field of water management in Assets. These solutions are expected to contribute to improving the sustainability of the asset and raising its efficiency, which in turn will contribute to improving the competitiveness of the asset. country in the field of environmental and economic sustainability.


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