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Emirates Steel reaches 56 countries

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Emirates Steel recorded a 50% increase compared to the previous two years in the number of markets to which it exports its high-quality products in Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.
The expansion of Emirates Steel’s export markets to 56 countries in 2021, compared to 38 in 2019, is part of the company’s strategy to diversify its revenue sources and improve the competitiveness of domestic products in the context of its support for the unified industrial identity “Made in the Emirates” to encourage production and manufacturing and support the national product.

Export markets accounted for around 45% of Emirates Steel’s total sales in 2021, with the remainder of sales being sold in the United Arab Emirates, where Emirates Steel maintained its leading position with a 60% market share.

Emirates Steel produces 3.5m tonnes/year of rebar, iron wire coils, structural sections and pivot panels, enough to meet the needs of local markets, contribute to the country’s sustainable industrial development and diversify the structure of its economy. by increasing its exports. to the world.

The company’s efforts are in line with the objectives of the national strategy for industry and advanced technology “the 300 billion project”, to increase the contribution of the industrial sector to the country’s GDP from 133 billion dirhams to 300 billion dirhams by 2031.

Saeed Al Rumaithi, CEO of Arkan Group and CEO of Emirates Steel, said: “Expanding our exports to global markets is one of the pillars of Emirates Steel’s growth strategy, and we look to meet the changing needs of customers for steel around the world, by providing high-quality, durable and customized products in In light of constant changes in global supply chains, ultra-low carbon production facilities are one of the main advantages that enabled Emirates to Steel successfully expand its markets”.


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