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Emirates bets on its children

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The UAE believes that moving into the future requires modern and innovative tools capable of moving the country forward in innovative ways. For this purpose, the country introduced the “UAE Government Leaders Program” in 2008, which included a group of the best national cadres and competencies capable of understanding government trends, leadership and openness to the world It is capable of embodying the principle of proactive and flexible leadership, effective and efficient intelligent decision-making, effective communication and communication, future foresight and imagination skills, analysis of situations and the design of future scenarios, in accordance with these scientific readings and directions.

To achieve the desired objectives, the training plans of this program have been designed based on the UAE government leadership model, which is based on three main axes: leadership spirit, vision of the future, achievement and influence, and above all this approach, elite Universities and international and national academic institutions participated in the training to provide a scientific and practical experience of excellence.

Participants in this program worked on development projects to achieve the UAE Centenary 2071 and promote digital transformation, with the aim of enabling government agencies to achieve strategic goals and enhance the capabilities of national cadres to meet future challenges with global leadership competencies. building and renewing national energies and government cadres at various functional levels.

This development approach confirms that the UAE embraces the quest for national leadership competencies and continues to build the human being, enhancing their skills, experiences and abilities, and empowering them with future tools to anticipate upgrades and changes.

Emiratis know how to use the skills and experience they have acquired to develop projects and improve the performance of the entities they work for. They represent the principle that the wise leadership has engraved in their minds, and that is that the real bet to make the future rests with the people of the Emirates and their national cadres.

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