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Emarat Rizk and Hussam Junaid .. “Irrevocable Divorce”

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The news of the divorce of Emirates Rizk and Hussam Junaid has led the concerns of the pioneers of social networks during the last hours.

The separation was announced by the Syrian artist Hossam Junaid on Saturday, and the reason for the divorce of the Syrian Emarat Rizk and Hussam Junaid remains the most prominent question for the public.

There have been reports of their split more than once over the last few years, and after a while the duo are back again, but this time it seems to be the end of the road between the Syrian artists.

For her part, the artist, Emarat Rizk, announced her official separation from her husband, Hossam Junaid, indicating her desire not to return to him.

The artist, Emarat Rizk, revealed her divorce from her husband, the artist Hossam Junaid, during statements to the press, and indicated that there were differences between her and her husband for more than two months, confirming the validity of all the news circulating about your divorce.

She confirmed that the differences between them arose after her return to her husband last time, but confirmed that this time the divorce was without return or return to the past.

And the Syrian singer Hossam Junaid, a few days after his separation from Emirates Rizk, announced through the media that he loves his wife, and has full appreciation and respect for her, indicating that their marital relationship is going well, explaining that it is a Rare relationship between husbands.

This is the second time that the news of the separation has been released, since the artist, Emarat Rizk, previously announced the news of her separation from her husband after differences between the two occurred, where she wrote in September 2019, a post on your official account. page on the social networking site “Facebook”, indicating that the divorce proceedings were officially completed, wishing her husband success in her future life.

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