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‘Elvis’, a passable and forgettable ‘biopic’ about King Presley

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That biopics about the great protagonists of 20th century music, some of whom are still alive with their creativity intact (they haven’t dared to try Dylan, Van Morrison, Tom Waits, Caetano Veloso and I think they think Retaining an aesthetic and narrative resemblance even after approaching the characters of the late seductive monarchs Leonard Cohen and David Bowie), they end up trying to redeem the turmoil and antics that plagued these legendary people, leaving the viewer with good taste in the mouth. But it’s difficult to find great cinema in this genre, calculated with such millimeter precision. And most of them are acceptable, they can be seen and heard, although always predictable and epidermal. There are also directors of immense art who have built jewels that tell the glorious and tragic existence of the gods of music. Clint Eastwood did it with his deep and haunted portrayal of the great Charlie Parker in Bird. Also Milos Forman there amadeus, when he tells us about this unbearable individual who created an immortal music called Mozart.

It took them too long to address Elvis Presley, that amazing singer who raised the sexual temperature of the United States, got so many young people vibrating that they became madly identified with his music, living through a time when his country was experiencing many things happened. new and transcendent things. Also dark, like the assassination attempts on the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King. They tell us how the poor boy from Memphis, from a young age, sucked on a music that black people invented, gospel and r&b They talk about the burning miracle that happened to the audience when this man began to sing on stage, accompanied by the movement of his hips and pelvis. Or the shudder that could evoke even the most intimate of listeners when they interpreted songs so powerfully Unleashed melody, suspicious thoughts and In the ghetto. And what has happened to him in his life besides claiming his throne on stage? Well, that he won endless money and polished it, that he would have liked to delve into great music and they wouldn’t allow it because his image made fortunes, that he spent many years in Las Vegas trying to sell more of that he was unhappy visiting Hollywood to act in films that he didn’t know or couldn’t save his marriage to the great love of his life who had gone blind from the pill that killed him at the age of 42. And most complicated and darkest: that he depended to a monstrous extent on the decisions he made regarding his life and career, a dark and disturbing guy who represented him, Colonel Tom Parker, someone with the ability to guide him immensely to make rich even though he denied his dreams, who never felt sorry for his artistic desires.

elvis Directed by Baz Lurhmann, alleged visual creator, author of the very silly Moulin Rouge and the expendable adaptation of Fitzgerald’s unforgettable novel The Great Gatsby. They say that this film delighted audiences in Cannes and that the critics loathed it. In my case, I don’t understand why it arouses passion or disgust. I watch and listen to it without provoking extreme feelings. But I find it grotesque that some commentators have described Tom Hanks’ portrayal of Colonel Tom Parker as appalling. His character arouses dislike. However, Hanks gets it right as always. And I know it can be hard and exotic to see the model Hanks give life and secrets to a fake and dark guy.


Address: Baz Luhrman.

Interpreter: Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, Olivia DeJonge, Helen Thomson, Richard Roxburgh.

Gender: biopic. United States, 2022.

Duration: 159 minutes.

Premiere: June 24.

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