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Elon Musk’s transgender daughter wants her last name removed to sever ties with her father

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“I don’t live with my biological father in any way and I don’t want to be related to him in any way.” This is the emphatic statement of one of Elon Musk’s daughters, who filed an application in the Los Angeles County Superior Court in the city of Santa Monica (USA). asked to change her first and last name. The young woman, who recently turned 18, is applying for a name change and a new birth certificate that reflects her new gender identity. A request he made last April that has now been leaked.

Xavier Alexander Musk has recently reached the age of majority, at which point the State of California allows a person to perform this procedure. Daughter of Tesla and SpaceX owner is asking the court to change her gender from male to female and register under her new name. She has not publicly communicated it, but according to the website about the life of the celebrities According to TMZ, her new name is Vivian Jenna Wilson, so she would take her mother’s last name, writer Justin Wilson. The official justification he gives in the documents is: “gender identity and the fact that I no longer want to live with my biological father or be related to him in any way.”

The reasons why the young woman wants to cut all ties with her father are not known, and the tycoon, which is very active on Twitter (a social network that is currently buying for 44,000 million euros), has not commented on the matter either. Neither Musk’s lawyers nor Testla’s communications department have responded to Reuters on the family dispute.

“I totally support trans but all these pronouns are an aesthetic nightmare,” he tweeted in 2020. Also last May, about a month after the young woman legally requested a name change, Musk declared his support for the Republican party, its elected official support legislative changes that would limit the rights of transgender people in the United States.

Musk, who is considered the richest man in the world (with a net worth of $250,000 million, according to forbes) is the father of seven children. Born in April 2004, Musk is one of five children Musk had with writer Justine Wilson, to whom he was married from 2000 to 2008. He also has two other children with singer Grimes, with whom he began his relationship in 2018 and with whom he split last September. One of the little ones was in the media spotlight when both his parents announced his name would be X Æ A-12, a name they were forced to change soon after because the state of California doesn’t allow numbers in names.

“I love all my children very much,” he tweeted on June 19, Father’s Day in the United States. Despite his constant messages on this social network, Musk does not share pictures of his personal life or his children, nor is there any evidence that he has an Instagram account. At many social occasions – like the last Met Gala – he is usually accompanied by his mother, model Maye Musk. Instead, the relationship with his father is rather cold and tense. In a recent interview with Errol Musk, he confirmed that he hasn’t seen his son in six years.

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