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Electric cargo bikes and hiking shoes: Amazon is replacing trucks with modern alternatives

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07/05/2022 at 4:23 p.m.

Amazon is working on the first micro-mobility hub, and more will follow: instead of delivering orders by truck, the company increasingly wants to bet on e-cargo bikes and foot delivery.

Amazon uses an unusual e-cargo bike with four wheels and a roof. (Source: Amazon)

  • Amazon is setting up a new concept in London.
  • Around 5 million deliveries need to be made in London every year by cargo bike or on foot.
  • The group also intends to use more electric trucks.

In London, the online mail-order company Amazon is launching a new concept of micromobility. Instead of using conventional delivery vehicles, many shipments have to be delivered using an unusually designed four-wheel electric bicycle with a roof. Foot delivery is also planned in the Hackney district, which is in a strict environmental zone.

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Eye-catching e-cargo bikes look like shrunken vans and are approved as e-bikes. They do not drive faster than 25 km/h and depend on the active pedaling of the driver.

Podbike Frikar

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Electric bike cars for cycle paths

Electric bike cars for cycle paths

The group also recently purchased five all-electric trucks. The 37 tonnes will replace diesel trucks in the UK and help meet the company’s green targets.

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