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Elden Ring: YouTuber Beats Boss Blindfolded

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August 02, 2022 at 12:11 PM

Elden Ring’s enemies aren’t always easy to defeat, yet this YouTuber takes on the roleplaying game bosses blindfolded.

A blindfolded fan takes on the bosses of Elden Ring. (Source: YouTube/star0chris screenshot)

  • A YouTuber wants to make Elden Ring even more complex with a self-imposed challenge.
  • He competes blindfolded against various bosses.
  • The YouTuber does not use summons or ranged attacks.

What does a player do when they have already completed Elden Ring in a speedrun and the game is no longer difficult?

YouTuber “star0chris” has now answered that question. He faces blindfolded the various bosses of the Elden Ring in his Boss Challenge. In the video you can see the fight with Godfrey/Hoarah Loux.

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But fighting blindfolded is not enough for him. The YouTuber imposed even more rules. It therefore uses neither invocation nor ranged attack.

The plan is for him to defeat all of the main bosses blindfolded, while also targeting some of the optional bosses.

If you don’t want to play blindfolded, but Elden Ring is too easy for you, you can use this mod to add complexity to roleplaying.

If you just want to play through the title, we’re here to help with some important Elden Ring tips.

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