El Salvador’s Legislative Assembly this Friday approved the fourth extension of the state of emergency aimed at fighting gang members in the country, hours after the government requested it from the Salvadoran Parliament.

With 67 votes in favour, 15 against, the National Assembly extended the state of emergency across the country for another 30 days until August 23.

“The effects of Legislative Decree 333 of March 27 of this year are extended throughout the national territory for a period of thirty days from its publication in the Official Journal and under the same conditions,” reads the approved decree, on which the Salvadoran newspaper “El Mundo” had access.

Hours earlier, Legislative Assembly President Ernesto Castro announced that he had received the El Salvador Executive Branch Security Cabinet to vote on extending the state of emergency that expired on July 24.

“The Salvadoran people must be assured that we will continue to support the extension of the emergency regime,” Castro said in statements reported by the aforementioned newspaper.

During the state of emergency, the Salvadorian government has the power to suspend certain freedoms and guarantees to facilitate the deployment of the military and police on the streets and in the communities where these killings took place.

Specifically, this measure enables the nationwide suspension of the right of assembly, the increase in the maximum detention from 72 hours to 15 days, the abolition of the right of defense and the abolition of the right not to interfere in telecommunications, the aforementioned newspaper reported in detail.

The Interior Minister Gustavo Villatoro has justified the extension of the state of emergency, listing some of the data that the measure has provided during these almost 120 days of the state of emergency, such as more than 46,000 arrests, 1,103 weapons seized, 1,314 vehicles seized, o 49,105 seized “portions” of drugs.

The state of emergency, which will reach 150 days with this new extension, will last until “all gang members in El Salvador are behind bars,” Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele assured in June.

“We’re going to intensify this war on the gangs, and if you thought the power of the state had been unleashed against these criminals, now they’re really going to see what it means to unleash the power of the state against these criminals. ” he explained.

Source europapress.es

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