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Eight innovative startups with their own names

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From 3D printed drones delivering packages to hard-to-reach areas to a software for smart mailboxes, through remote control systems for distribution and payment solutions through crypto assets. They are four of the eight winning projects in the fourth edition of the Lehnica Changer Challengethe acceleration program tarnishing from emails. Innovation is the hallmark of this initiative, sponsored by the public company, which aims to recruit companies that develop new solutions and technological products that add value to society.

The eight selected SMEs start a six-month pilot program together with Correos, which accompanies them throughout the process. Each of them will receive an economic return of 15,000 euros provided by Correos, in addition to personalized mentoring and access to the ecosystem and facilities of the CorreosLabs Innovation Centernear Las Tablas (Madrid).

A team from Correos will accompany the companies throughout the acceleration process, which combines face-to-face meetings at CorreosLabs headquarters with external sessions. Everyone wins with this formula. On the one hand the tarnishing and entrepreneurs can realize new and innovative ideas while receiving Correos’ advice and experience. In turn, Correos broadens its business vision from different perspectives and workspaces, which allows it to integrate new solutions to face the upcoming challenges. If the study is successfully completed and the results show that there is sufficient potential to continue the cooperation in the future, Correos will become an investor.

The philosophy of the Lehnica Challenge is based on proposing innovative proposals, providing tools, having and sharing ideas, defending them and trying to make them work

Juan Manuel Serrano, Postmaster

This fourth edition of the Lehnica Challenge is aimed at small companies with a maximum of five years of service. Since May, when the call for tenders opened, more than 150 candidate projects have been received, most of them related to logistics solutions. Since the beginning of this program, a total of 23 tarnishing have joined the CorreosLabs community.

“The philosophy of the Lehnica Challenge is based on proposing innovative proposals, providing tools, having and sharing ideas, defending them and trying to make them work. We value the public company for all entrepreneurs and their talent,” explains Correos President Juan Manuel Serrano, who closed the event where the names of the winners were announced. Serrano has announced that Correos is investigating a plan to territorialize CorreosLabs, which includes opening new offices in other cities. In this way, the power of this innovation program would be multiplied and more tarnishing to this ecosystem.

During the event, entrepreneur Noemí Barrientos, founder of León Startup and Manda Venancia Association in Asturias, called for the need to develop innovative projects that transform the territory “from the territory itself”. “We need talented entrepreneurs who come to the cities and rural areas with solutions that really respond to the specific challenges and real needs in these areas, which are different from those of the cities,” he defended.

Numerous personalities from the public and private sectors related to innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as Correos employees and managers attended this event at CorreosLabs headquarters. Those responsible for the eight selected projects, which are divided into six work areas, were also involved.

• “Data Driven”: that is, these innovative solutions based on the collection and analysis of data and its possible monetization. That tarnishing Expai has developed a proposal based on transparent and explainable artificial intelligence (AI) that identifies possible biases and could be used by Correos to support decision making, thus increasing productivity.

The eight selected SMEs will start a six-month pilot program together with Correo. Each of them receives an economic consideration of 15,000 euros.

• User Experience: Projects that offer innovation and facilitate interaction with the customer. That tarnishing Ubyko is working on the conversion of offices for automation and storage of the so-called quick trade. To do this, it proposes the first intelligent warehouse system connected to the street through an ATM operating 24 hours a day without staff and with absolute real-time control over the products, to carry out ultra-fast deliveries in a maximum of half an hour.

• Internet security: The aim here is to develop added value in defending against cyber attacks in order to come closer to a robust and secure omnichannel approach. That tarnishing eSignus enables all Correos customers to easily and securely access crypto assets. Its solution includes purchases through the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and the prepaid card Correos, which can turn the company into a broker and democratizer of access to crypto assets.

• Automation: Innovative projects to automate and optimize processes that facilitate decision-making for products and services are valued. Deliberty has developed a software for smart mailboxes that would solve parcel delivery and return problems without having to be present. The devices could be integrated into the different platforms that Correos already has and adapt to the needs of each environment or situation.

We need talented entrepreneurs to come to cities and rural areas with solutions that really address specific challenges and real needs in those areas

Noemí Barrientos, Founder of León Startup and the Manda Venancia Association in Asturias

• Logistics: Correos pays particular attention to projects that improve the logistics experience both globally and throughout its value chain (traceability, new delivery models, urban logistics, circular economy, energy efficiency, dynamic deliveries, drones, autonomous vehicles…). In this case, the Lehnica Challenge chose three tarnishing. One of these is Aldoratech, which offers a comprehensive last-mile autonomous air transport service through the use of drones created with 3D printers. These devices would give Correos the ability to deliver more packages and make deliveries in hard-to-reach areas. For its part, Eos Connectivity is committed to the sensorization of electric vehicles, which would facilitate the connection of these fleets with managers and users and enable services with greater added value. Using Correos, a connected vehicle platform would be validated for distribution and specific distribution in sparsely populated areas. Finally, Esus Ecomobility has developed vehicles with a remote control driving system that would include an innovative postman tracking mode. These devices are able to create more agile and efficient delivery routes, even through pedestrian zones.

• Social: These are projects that help revitalize rural areas, resettle populations, promote the transformation of so-called deserted Spain and have a positive impact on the environment. That tarnishing Sunnerbox proposes a multi-platform powered exclusively by renewable energy sources micro hub geographically distributed in town and country, they would not only function as collection points, but also as a multi-platform for the post office with various services related to urban mobility. This enhances the brand experience and promotes economic and social development compatible with respect and preservation of the environment.

Source elpais.com

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