Of the 30,500 public sector VET teachers, 85% are in a profession (26,000) and have had to pass an appeals selection process to be allowed to practice and yet they are paid less than a secondary school teacher. But their fortunes will change and a historic demand from this group will be met as the Ministry of Education has drafted a decree making college graduate salaries equal to secondary school teachers. The ministry presented the draft to the autonomous governments this Wednesday.

A FP teacher without three years in Cantabria – on average in Spain – earns 2,500 gross euros per month, compared to 2,705 gross in secondary school. The difference is 200 euros.

Teachers who were already qualified as early as January 19, 2021 – when the Celaá Law came into force, which includes this measure in its articles without describing in detail the procedure – the documents proving this must be sent electronically to the Portal of their autonomous community send graded to calculate the surcharge. The surcharge will be applied retrospectively from January 19th.

To those who have subsequently graduated, and until the decree is approved by the Council of Ministers, Seniority is counted from the date of graduation, and those who complete their studies between that date and January 19, 2026 must have the diploma recognized. From this point on, no more papers need to be filled out, the salary increase is automatic for university graduates.

The draft decree has yet to be approved by the State School Board, which will table amendments before going through the Council of Ministers. Since the salary increase is retrospective, a delay in processing does not have any disadvantages for those interested.

The separation between teachers dates back to the General Education Act of 1970, which set up two bodies of VT teachers: on the one hand, the workshop teachers, who were responsible for teaching the exercises and were usually VT graduates, and those of the full professors, who gave the theory, and almost all were college graduates.

In 1990, by the General Organic Law of the Education System (Logse), the workshop teachers became technical FP teachers and they began to teach theory and practice. Ten years ago, new teachers were required to have a university degree to gain access to this position. However, there are exceptions for 19 of the 29 vocational training courses that are very practical: such as hairdressing, welding, car maintenance or cooking.

Now 15% of the workforce without a degree (4,500) are outside the agreement. The Ministry of Public Administration provides undergraduate teachers with the salary they already had and creates a new position for them. This minority, who have an FP degree and experience as hairdressers, cooks or car mechanics, feared they would no longer be included in the FP apprenticeship and would become a “job to be wiped out”. And above all to the interim members who are not civil servants and fear that they will no longer be able to face resistance.

Parallel to the enormous expansion of these courses, the VT teaching staff continues to grow: In the academic year 2020/2011 there were 24,459 subject teachers for 424,700 students in public institutions and in 2020/2021 30,490 teachers for 681,000 enrolled students. In order not to lose competitiveness within Europe, Spain is obliged to train even more technical specialists, so that resistance to VT teachers is guaranteed.

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