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Education discusses with partners the development of the higher education system in the United Arab Emirates

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The Ministry of Education organized a joint meeting in Dubai with higher education institutions, in the presence of the Minister of Education Hussain Al Hammadi, various Ministry officials, directors, deans and representatives of various public and private higher education institutions.

The meeting aims to enhance joint cooperation between the Ministry and higher education institutions, exchange opinions and views, discuss challenges and opportunities to develop the higher education system in the country, and introduce higher education institutions in the role of the National Center for Qualifications, the agency. responsible for the 10-level national qualifications system, which is the national reference for different educational pathways, including higher education, general education and vocational training, in addition to the center’s leading role in supporting the principle of lifelong learning, building and improve people’s skills and their preparation for the labor market, through various projects and initiatives overseen by the ministry’s National Center for Qualifications.

At the meeting, Hussein Al Hammadi praised the efforts and cooperation of higher education institutions, highlighting the importance of participatory work and continuous cooperation to foresee the future and advance in improving educational results.

He said: “We seek to achieve exceptional leaps that improve our educational position in the world, and we must mobilize efforts to achieve the state’s educational visions and aspirations.”

For his part, the Undersecretary for Academic Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Al-Mualla, reviewed the higher education initiatives plan, within the strategic plan for higher education 2023-2026, since the initiatives are aimed at students who are about to enter higher education institutions. and outreach programs and initiatives for students during their university studies.

He also reviewed the programs and activities for graduates, and asked to redouble joint efforts to support them, as well as initiatives and programs for research and scientific studies, and build a huge database to benefit in all fields.


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