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Ecology expert sees need to sharpen corona protection

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Berlin (dpa) – The Greens’ health expert, Janosch Dahmen, sees the need to further fine-tune the coronavirus protection plans for the coming months.

“The duality of basic measures and hotspot rules is correct in principle, but its design may not be broad enough,” the Bundestag member told the German Press Agency on Wednesday. The burden on the health system is increasing again. “We still can’t do a general cleaning of the protective measures.”

Dahmen said strong basic protection also includes a mask requirement in retail and other indoor areas. “Under the given circumstances, it would not be consistent to impose a mask requirement on local transportation, but not in dense crowds when purchased.” State parliaments are now being asked to quickly ensure lasting security through resolutions. Even with regional outbreaks, more wiggle room may be needed, for example with a view to contact restrictions.

In this sense, the emergency kit is not filled with all the effective and proven instruments. “However, there is currently no parliamentary majority for a more progressive and preventive pandemic policy,” Dahmen said.

According to a draft that was released on Wednesday, in which Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) and Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP) agreed, mask and test requirements should continue to apply as basic measures. beyond early spring. More comprehensive measures should be possible in “hotspots” with a more critical situation. The federal and state governments had decided that all deeper daily restrictions should be lifted by March 20.

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