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Echenique on the Electricity Companies: “If we governed alone, we would consider nationalizing these vultures”

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United We Can spokesman in Congress Pablo Echenique criticized the high profits of the power companies and announced that he would consider nationalizing these “vultures” if his formation alone ruled.

However, he stresses that the PSOE will never accept this type of approach and that at least taxes on these companies must be significantly increased to fund social policies.

This was conveyed in a message on Twitter, which includes a video of statements by Iberdrola’s President, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, explaining the dividend increase plan and ratifying the record profit target for 2022.

It also includes other images accompanying his controversial remarks when he said only “fools” using the regulated tariff paid more for electricity, as well as earnings data from Naturgy or Endesa under the slogan “It’s time for them to pay”.

“If we governed ourselves, we would seriously consider using Article 128 of the Constitution to nationalize these vultures. Since the PSOE will never accept that, which is less than a significant increase in taxes to pay for social policies,” on launched social networks.

Precisely United We Can is calling for an extraordinary tax for power and oil companies in negotiations within the executive branch to pay for improvements to the anti-crisis decree that will be passed on Saturday, such as a €300 aid check for families at risk of price increases or – reductions Noticeable price increases in public transport.

In addition, the Second Vice President, Yolanda Díaz, has detailed that in tax matters, a 10% surcharge on the corporate tax that these companies have is urgently and immediately applicable.


Also on social media, in the face of information about a greater concentration of wealth, Podemos leader and social rights minister Ione Belarra has pointed out that it is a “democratic obligation” to “get the people who need the most.” pay have more to bring the shoulder with the people who have less”.

“For this, a fair tax reform is necessary so that the majority of families do not pay for the reconstruction,” he clarified.

Source europapress.es

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