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East Germany: Ordnance in the ground makes extinguishing work difficult

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To: 07/27/2022 19:56

Extinguishing work in Brandenburg and Saxony is partly made more difficult by ammunition residues in the ground. Nevertheless, firefighters report initial successes in fighting forest fires.

When fighting forest fires in the district of Elbe-Elster in Brandenburg, firefighters increasingly have to deal with areas contaminated with munitions. Extinguishing work was made more difficult by a bomb found in Saxon territory not far from the state border.

According to the district, a restricted zone of 1000 meters has been drawn, which extends to Elbe-Elster. No firefighting can currently take place on the respective status pages.

The devastating forest fire in southern Brandenburg is still unclear, but according to the district fire chief, the situation is now under control. This would have been the result of the evaluation of aerial photos with the thermal camera. Evacuations from local communities are no longer an issue. “Now it’s about pushing the extinguishing work on the ground,” said district administrator Christian Heinrich-Jaschinski.

Easing of the situation in the forest fire areas in eastern Germany

Kerstin Breinig, RBB, today’s news at 5:00 p.m., July 27, 2022

Relaxation in Falkenberg

In other regions, however, the situation seems to be improving somewhat. Extinguishing work was aided by the fact that the previously strong wind died down, reports the LOL. The large fire near Falkenberg has been reduced from 800 to 500 hectares. About 360 firefighters are currently involved in fighting the fires.

The Saxon Switzerland and Eastern Ore Mountains district office said the situation remained tense, but was not out of control. In the Saxon Switzerland National Park, the five firefighting helicopters were successful, said the spokesman for the regional office for Saxon Switzerland and the Ore Mountains, Thomas Kunz. Some fire sources have been contained and stabilized, but others have spread and need to be fought intensively.

Firebreaks with harvesters

In the Czech Republic, around 450 firefighters near the German border continue to fight one of the biggest wildfires in the country’s history. The flames raged over an area of ​​about ten square kilometers in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park, as indicated by a spokesman for the emergency services. However, further spread was prevented.

With the large timber harvesting machines, called harvesters, paths have to be cut in the forest to prevent the fire from spreading further.

Source www.tagesschau.de

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