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Earn millions with sunscreen serum

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An Australian news reporter who launched a successful multi-million dollar line of beauty products, primers and lip oils, has added a new product to her line, the world’s first sunscreen.

Samantha Brett, who has been working as a journalist for over a decade and often had to stand for hours in direct sunlight as a reporter, thought of developing a revolutionary product that could protect from the sun for a long time.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Samnathna said: “Because of the sun’s harmful rays, two of my colleagues developed skin cancer, and this prompted me to look for a sunscreen that I could use to improve sun protection, but I didn’t. . You would not find such a product in Australia. And here I decided to develop the product myself.”

After three years of research, study and work, Samantha, in collaboration with various manufacturers, managed to develop a product which she called “Naked Sundaes”, which is a transparent and non-sticky liquid serum that can be applied under and over makeup without spoil it. .

Samantha received over 50,000 orders for the product immediately after its launch and began selling it for $40, earning huge profits estimated in the millions.

The product gives the effect of a mist spray that hides fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and sun spots, so you don’t even need makeup, and it also contains special plant collagen, making it suitable for anti-aging. as well as protection against the sun’s rays.

It is reported that two in three Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70 and nearly 2,000 die.
One person is diagnosed with melanoma each year, according to the Daily Mail.


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