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EA confirms FIFA will keep 23 loot boxes in Ultimate Team mode


MADRID, Aug 12 (Portaltic/EP) –

Electronic Arts (EA) has confirmed that the remake of the FIFA 23 will retain some features of the previous video games of the saga, such as: B. the ‘loot boxes’ or loot boxeswhich will continue to be present in the mode Ultimate team.

Also called reward boxes, are mysterious claims built into the narrative of video games that consumers purchase with real money to receive a set of benefits and objects specific to the game.

These elements have created a great deal of controversy within the video game industry and at the state level its regulation has become one of the priorities Bodies such as the Ministry of Consumer Affairs in Spain.

Countries that have already restricted “loot boxes” include the Netherlands and Belgium, where the title “Immortal Devil” was not released for this reason.

Despite the fact that more and more organizations have expressed concerns about these elements integrated into the game, EA recently confirmed that it will not remove them from its next version FIFA 23.

As published EurogamerThe company has pledged that it will maintain this in-game monetization system for the game’s Ultimate Team mode, having been given the green light to do so following the UK government’s recent decision did not legislate the “loot boxes”.

This government has determined that it does not believe that reward boxes can be regulated in the same way as gambling and will therefore not make any changes to their relevant regulations game rules; Therefore, EA plans to keep the “loot boxes” in its sports product.

“We firmly believe that Ultimate Team and Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT) packs have been part of the game for over a decade, they are part of FIFA love gamers […] Giving players the option to purchase them is fair,” the developer said in a statement reported to this medium.

In that letter, EA also noted that “spending is entirely optional” and that it does not encourage its players to “spend more than what rewards are earned through the game,” recalling that the “packs” are sold in this way “They work the same way, whether they are paid or earned.

Themed challenges based on real life, pre-season events and FUT campaigns stand out among other features that will be integrated into the new version of the franchise, which will hit stores at the end of September.


Source europapress.es

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