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Duchess Meghan: Controversy over a new biography! Vanity Fair reporter denies manipulation claims

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A new biography on Duchess Meghan is generating a lot of excitement. Now a Vanity Fair reporter has spoken out because his meeting with Prince Harry’s wife has allegedly been misrepresented.

Stormy weather is coming to the Windsors again. A new biography was released on Thursday, July 21, 2022, which provides plenty of explosive material and focuses primarily on the Sussexes. In the book “Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors” by investigative journalist Tom Bower, Duchess Meghan, 40, comes under fire from critics, as some excerpts previously published in the “Times” document and “Sun”. , it’s about the strained relationship with Duchess Catherine, 40, and Prince William, 40, or a tantrum in which ‘a cup of tea was thrown in the air’ But lo and behold Reporter Speaks Out Sees His Meeting With The Royal Completely Misrepresented By Bower.

Duchess Meghan: ‘Vanity Fair’ reporter denies Royal’s stuttering comment

The author is said to have invested a year talking to the Duchess’s confidants, friends and enemies. But apparently he didn’t write at least one report according to the truth. Sam Kashner is an editor at Vanity Fair and seems quite amazed at how his cover interview with Meghan was portrayed in 2017.

About a year before she married Prince Harry, 37, the then-actress met Kashner at her Toronto home. According to Bower’s biography, the “Suits” actress insulted her counterpart during the conversation because of the way she spoke. She reportedly told him she loved him because of his stutter and felt he was “not like a typical journalist”.

“Awe and respect”

According to the biography, Kashner wondered if she manipulated him. “It was a game of cat and mouse, he argued, and she figured out how to take advantage of the cards she was playing,” Bower said. A claim that the “Vanity Fair” reporter apparently can’t sign off on. In a fit of turmoil, he wrote to The Times last weekend after the relevant passage was printed, saying: “I’m afraid Tom Bower is conveying my admiration and respect for Meghan Markle in the excerpt from his new book in The Times ‘unvoiced.’

On the contrary, Meghan seems to have made a sympathetic impression on Kashner. “I found Ms. Markle extraordinarily warm and kind, and admired her remarkable intelligence and courage, as I still do today.” In his letter, he even sent Prince Harry belated congratulations on his marriage to “such an amazing woman”. At the same time, he revisited the scenario described by Bower and denied having stuttered, adding that he had stuttered rather once.

This is said to have made Meghan “angry”.

However, Kashner does not take a clear position on another claim. The bio says the royal made the cover of Vanity Fair “angry” afterward. The title “Meghan Markle, Wild About Harry!” (in German: “Meghan Markle, mad about Harry”) apparently missed the desired meaning of the article. She wanted to prioritize her acting and charity work. The destiny of being part of the British royal family had already caught up with her.

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