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Dubai witnesses a major medical achievement by removing the largest muscle tumor, weighing 4.4 kilograms

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The Emirate of Dubai witnessed a major medical achievement, the first and most important of its kind in the Middle East, where the medical team at Al-Tadawi Specialized Hospital succeeded in removing a huge muscle tumor from under the outer surface of a woman’s uterus 40 years old. A 3-year-old patient, weighing 4.4 kilograms, with a length of 29 centimeters, is one of the largest tumors recorded that affects the uterine region, in addition to another muscular tumor within the uterus, 5 centimeters in length. length. the fully intact uterus, to confirm the chances of the never-married patient to become pregnant, have children, and start a family.
This successful operation adds to the list of honorable medical achievements for the health sector in Dubai, where the medical team was able to complete the delicate surgery in a record time that did not exceed 3 hours, which in itself is a great medical success, Given the precision of the surgery and the sensitivity of the area where the tumor spread, the team was also able to prevent the patient from losing a large amount of blood during the surgery, since she lost only 250 milliliters, and she replenished during the surgery. , which is another achievement in this type of delicate operation.

On this occasion, Marwan Ibrahim Al-Haj Nasser, Chairman of the Tadawi Group Board of Directors, affirmed the group’s pride in this unique medical achievement, which confirms Dubai’s leadership and possession of a health system that is among the most advanced and the best. efficient worldwide and at the level of the public and private sectors, with its facilities with the best levels of equipment and possession of the latest technologies and solutions for diagnosis and treatment, as well as the most qualified medical personnel in various specialties, consolidating the position of Dubai as a major destination for hospitalization in the region.

He said: “We are pleased that Al Tadawi Specialized Hospital is continuing its role in achieving the vision and directives of the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to transform Dubai into a major medical center. hospitalization and treatment center in the region, to complete the comprehensive development process by which the emirate has accompanied the largest international medical centers, whether in infrastructure or technical equipment, as well as a medical staff that enjoys the highest levels of efficiency and professionalism, as Dubai has always been a destination for innovators in all fields, including medicine and health care.”

The medical team that successfully performed the surgery included: Dr. Anna Kakarska, OB/GYN, Dr. Gautam Lahiri, General Surgeon, Dr. Adel Khalil, Consultant Urologist, and Dr. James Donato, Anesthesiologist.

The surgical team was able to avoid ligation of the uterine artery, in addition to preserving the fallopian tubes and ovaries, to confirm the chances of pregnancy and childbirth for the patient who did not suffer any post-surgery complications, and the case is currently pending. in process. in the Al-Tadawi Specialized Hospital to complete the recovery phase, under the supervision of the medical team to ensure his complete recovery and providing him with all the necessary medical and moral support, during that period, while the excised tumor was sent to the laboratory for analysis of tissues to determine the details through which the treatment journey to full recovery can be completed.

The case was diagnosed by Dr. Muhammad Hamad Muhammad when the patient presented to his clinic with a complaint of pain in the abdominal area, where he was diagnosed with a tumor weighing a nine-month-old fetus, while he was pressing on the left ureter and reaching the intestine, where Then take all necessary measures


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