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Dubai, the land of peaks and minds

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Dubai’s ability to manage and invest exceptional opportunities today gives it new keys to transfer its leadership position to broader global roles, especially at the level of economy and knowledge, and to chart future directions. Mohamed bin Rashid also highlighted that its economic returns to the UAE will continue in the coming years, in addition to its great positive effects, which will include the region as a whole.

And what you witnessed yesterday, whether at the Expo, or in Dubai in general, of major summits, which brought together the world’s minds and experts, for dialogues discussing challenges in vital areas, pointing out that Dubai, not only succeeded in a active role at the global level during the period of the global event, but was able to make this event a pillar and pillar to consolidate its position and role in the long term, making it a major player in shaping the world’s economies, its knowledge strategies, your security tools and your future directions in all vital sectors.

The scene where Dubai brought together minds and decision makers at the “Knowledge Summit”, “Retail Summit”, “World Police Summit”, “DIHAD Conference & Exhibition” and the African CEO Forum, casts a shining light that the emirate, with Alta’s trust in international circles, from decision makers, to experts and investors, has become the first starting point for all holistic visions, which aim to ensure progress, growth and prosperity, through constructive dialogues, to create solutions in the face of great challenges, and develop new insights and paths for science and knowledge, and generate opportunities in the fields of traditional and new economy.

What this also clearly shows is that Dubai has succeeded for the whole world, with its great success in hosting 192 countries, in the face of this exceptional international circumstance, and its success in organizing all these summits, forums and big events, effectively. and in a positive way. impressive effects and results, which will be reflected in the performance of several global sectors Alone, these unique events gave a type and size of flow, momentum and drivers that exceeded all expectations for all these sectors, and kept them from being frustrated. and decadence, which everyone felt towards progress and growth, to confirm Dubai, with credit and merit, that it was the most capable of embracing “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future””.

Global confidence in Dubai was in place, as Dubai not only managed to house the world, but also proved to be a new model for the importance of anticipating wide-ranging and accelerating change, anticipating threats and challenges, and transforming them into worthwhile opportunities. you will always find the world in Dubai, and not just during the Expo meeting, and we will see in the short and long term continued momentum at the one-off summits, emphasizing the role of Dubai, a critical incubator for global dialogues and the industry of future of humanity.

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