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Drinks that reduce the effectiveness of the absorption of vitamins by the body.

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Vitamins, minerals, and prescription drugs are easy to take in tablet or capsule form, but how can the beverage you swallow affect your health?
The oral route is the easiest and most common way to take medications, and while swallowing vitamins, minerals, and antibiotics may seem easy, the way you choose to take these medications may make them ineffective.

Taking prescription and over-the-counter medications correctly should always start with a simple reading of the instructions, but what else do you need to do to get the desired health benefits of the medication?

Speaking to the British Express, registered dietitian Shauna Wilkinson said: “If you don’t take an over-the-counter supplement as prescribed, it can affect how well you absorb the nutrients in the supplement, which means you may not see results.

What drinks should be avoided when swallowing the medicine?
A big gulp of water is the obvious choice when it comes to swallowing oral medications, but how can other beverages affect a supplement’s effectiveness?

tea and coffee
According to Shauna, drinking a daily multivitamin with your morning coffee can render it completely useless to your body for two main reasons: Heat is known to destroy nutrients, so hot water in tea and coffee should be a no-no. -not when it comes to taking multivitamin tablets.

Tannins and caffeine can interfere with the absorption of some vitamins and minerals, especially iron and vitamin D, which are thought to reduce receptor expression. Caffeine also has a diuretic effect, causing increased urination. As a result, vitamins such as B vitamins, and vitamin C can be depleted due to fluid loss.

Probiotic drinks like kombucha and yogurt potions can have a severe impact on the effectiveness of antibiotics, and while these products are great for gut health, it’s best to stay away from them while taking prescription antibiotics like penicillin or antibiotics. cephalosporins. for a short period of time.”

Drinking alcohol while taking oral vitamin supplements such as folic acid, zinc, thiamin, and vitamin B1 will prevent the body from absorbing these essential nutrients and minerals.

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