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Drinking hot water on an empty stomach… benefits you don’t expect

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Coffee is believed to be the ideal start to the day, but some may not know that drinking warm water on an empty stomach has many health benefits.

According to the Italian website “Van Page”, drinking a glass of warm water in the morning before breakfast is a real and natural treatment at no cost, through which we can stimulate digestion, improve the intestines, hydrate the organs and tissues of the body, and address mild forms of anxiety and tension and other health benefits highlighted by the report.

Cleanses the stomach and improves digestion.

The first and most important effect of drinking a glass of warm or hot water in the morning is aimed at purifying the stomach and activating the entire digestive system.

In the morning, as soon as you wake up, the stomach is empty and, therefore, it is easy to clean with a cup of hot water (but not too much) that will prepare the stomach for the following foods, ensuring a better and more efficient intake. of nutrients

combat constipation

Purifying the stomach and stimulating digestion also means promoting normal intestinal transit.

Therefore, drinking a cup of hot water ten minutes before breakfast can help in case of constipation and resist its various forms, since water not only has the ability to stimulate the digestive process, but also facilitates intestinal transit by dissolving fat deposits and soften stools. .

antioxidant effect

Hot water, drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, is an antioxidant that helps the body fight the action of free radicals and aging.

Moisturizing tissues and fighting free radicals is essential to strengthen the immune system and have healthy, rested skin, which is the first effect you notice after starting to drink hot water every morning.

reduces stress

A simple glass of warm water, like all hot drinks in general, can help and positively stimulate blood circulation, thus improving the nervous and muscular activity of the body.

A glass of hot water on an empty stomach is enough to naturally reduce mild forms of stress and anxiety and promote restful sleep, if also taken before bed.

moisturizing effect

Drinking a cup of hot water on an empty stomach rehydrates the cells and tissues of the body, promotes the maintenance of water balance and ensures good blood circulation in the body’s organs.

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