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Dreame W10 Pro: robot vacuum mop with new AI technology

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07/05/2022 at 4:22 p.m.

If you want to save time when cleaning, consider smart assistants such as robot vacuums. Dreame introduced its new top model W10 Pro. In this article, we explain what it can do.

Dreame W10 (Source: Dreame)

If you don’t have the time or inclination to vacuum your home, robot vacuums are an inexpensive and smart household helper. Above all, the high-end manufacturer Dreame offers in its models the latest technologies in navigation and communication combined with state-of-the-art hardware at an incredible price-performance ratio. Other suppliers often charge much higher prices for comparable products.

Dreame’s brand new flagship is called the W10 Pro and features AI-supported navigation technology and the familiar cleaning station from the predecessor W10. For the market launch, the manufacturer reduces the purchase price to 999 euros until July 17 inclusive.

Anyone who is quick and is among the first 1,000 buyers will receive a free accessory pack worth 70 euros.

Market launch at MediaMarkt: Dreame W10 Pro for 999 euros reduced

Dreame W10 Pro Media Markt


at MediaMarkt


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  • D-shaped design: vacuum and clean even better along walls and corners

  • AI-assisted navigation

  • LED display on the base station

  • With 65 dB (A) very quiet in operation

  • 6400 mAh battery to clean up to 300 m²

  • Suction power: 4000 Pa

Vacuuming, wiping or cleaning all in one – everything is possible and can be controlled comfortably from the couch using an app.

Dreame W10 Pro: Artificial intelligence for perfect navigation

The new flagship inherits many functions from the Dreame W10, which has received high praise in numerous online tests. Further development with the addition of “Pro” has in addition to the already very precise control technology Get smart AI camera and optimized LiDAR sensor. Map creation and obstacle avoidance should now be even more efficient and accurate. Interruptions caused by the robot being overstretched or sucking in a blocking object are a thing of the past with the W10 Pro.

Dreame W10 carpet, parquet, laminate, tiles

Dreame W10 carpet, parquet, laminate, tiles (source: Dreame)

The 4,000 Pa suction power should tackle regular household dirt with no problem. With a length of 19.2 cm, the main brush vacuums a particularly large surface, while the side brush takes care of corners and edges. In order for the Dreame W10 Pro to reach the corners of the room even better, it does not have the classic shape of a round disc, but a D-shape. For an optimal cleaning effect, there are two additional mops on the underside, which, with their pressure of 10 Nm and their rapid rotation, declare war on the dirt left by the suction.

Vacuuming and cleaning has never been easier

It should be clear that a robot vacuum can be a time-saving medium for regularly keeping large living spaces clean. However, with many mopping robots in particular, you spend a considerable amount of time refilling the robot’s water tank, washing the cleaning cloth, or constantly emptying the dust bin.

With the W10 Pro, Dreame relies on complete robot self-cleaning so you can sit back and relax. So you can also see the charging station as a fancy car wash. When cleaning, the vacuum regularly goes to the station to clean its two mops. At the same time, he changes his wiper water, for which there are two 4-litre tanks inside the charging station: one absorbs the dirty water from the wiper, the another tank filled with fresh water refuels the robot for the next trip. In total, the 4 liters of fresh water are enough to wash up to 300 m2. With the 6400 mAh battery you can reach up to 160 minutes of battery life.

Another highlight of the cleaning station: after the cleaning task, it not only rinses the mops, but also dries them with hot air. This prevents unpleasant odors or even mold and the robot is well prepared for its next wiping round. You can always activate or stop cleaning or drying through the Xiaomi app, which integrates Dreame robots. Otherwise, all configuration and control is done via the mobile application: editing maps (even on several floors), creating no-go zones or adjusting cleaning specifics is done in a few clicks. There is also support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

If you finally want a robot vacuum and mop that doesn’t just say “smart” on it, but is also on the inside, you’ll find the device of your dreams in the Dreame W10 Pro. With its complete equipment, improved navigation and cleaning station, it helps you clean your floor effectively and efficiently.

At MediaMarkt, the vacuum cleaner is still heavily reduced until July 17 and costs only 999 euros. If you are among the first 1,000 buyers, you will receive a free accessory pack worth 70 euros. This applies both online and in-store. So don’t wait too long.

What does Dreame do?

The robot vacuum market has been flooded with many companies in recent years. It is therefore particularly difficult to assess the quality of individual brands. Dreame Technology, founded in 2015, is one of the high quality manufacturers with its wide product portfolio. This is also reflected in the company’s mantra: high quality products with innovative technologies to improve customers’ lives. Dreame is now part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, which confirms the seriousness and quality of the brand. Only those who develop cutting-edge products can benefit from the experience and infrastructure of the technology group. Dreame has contributed key inventions and holds over 150 patents. The manufacturer’s R&D team accounts for 80% of the workforce.

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