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Draghi signals his will to continue to govern


Status: 07/20/2022 12:09 p.m.

Italian Prime Minister Draghi has now declared his will to remain in government after his request to resign was rejected. The prerequisite is unified support from its coalition partners.

After the failure of his resignation, Mario Draghi is now ready to remain Italian Prime Minister. In a combative speech to Rome’s upper house, he made it clear that he would continue if supported by a large majority in parliament. It is now up to the parties to decide if they want to continue supporting a government of national unity. After the internal conflicts of the past few months, a new confidence is needed for a new government of this type, underlined Draghi.

“He needs a sincere and correct new pact of trust, like the one that has allowed us so far to change the country for the better.” It’s the “only way to stay together,” he said. Italy doesn’t just need “false trust” in the government.

Applause from the Social Democrats

At the end of his speech, the head of government addressed the senators directly. “Are you ready to acknowledge the efforts you made in the first few months, then softened?” Draghi asked. He added: “You don’t have to give me the answer to this question, you have to give it to all Italians.”

Striking: The Five Star Movement faction, which triggered Draghi’s resignation bid last week, has not cheered at this point – unlike factions of, for example, the Social Democratic PD and the Italia Viva party of former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

evening vote of confidence

Senate President Maria Elisabetta Casellati adjourned the session after Draghi’s speech to give the parties time to deliberate. There will then be a five-hour debate. The vote of confidence on Draghi is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. If Draghi wins, he must still receive the vote of confidence from the House of Representatives. There will be a vote on Thursday.

Five Star Movement leader and former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte had previously demanded that his party’s priorities – including a national minimum wage – be taken into account. Draghi addressed this request directly in his speech. He said the government must “move in this direction, together with the social partners”.

Italians want Draghi to stay in power

According to polls, the majority of Italians still support Draghi. Last week, the Five Star Movement, formerly part of the ruling coalition, sparked a government crisis by abstaining in a vote of confidence in Draghi. Although Draghi survived the vote, he nonetheless tendered his resignation as he did not want to lead the unity government without the support of the Five Star Movement. However, president Sergio Mattarella rejected the resignation request.

The government crisis hits Italy in full struggle for the future supply of gas and in the fight against the high cost of living. The measures against high prices had led to a dispute between Draghi and the Five Star Movement.

With information from Jörg Seisselberg, ARD Studio Rome

Draghi proposes to continue

Jörg Seisselberg, ARD Rome, 20.7.2022 11.40 a.m.


Source www.tagesschau.de

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