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Draghi should resign again

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Status: 07/21/2022 09:55

Another resignation attempt? Italian Prime Minister Draghi has an appointment with President Mattarella. Three ruling parties had blocked a vote of confidence in Draghi.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi wants to talk to President Sergio Mattarella about his political intentions. He explained it to Parliament. Draghi is expected to announce his retirement.

Draghi won a vote of confidence in parliament on Wednesday, but his three main coalition partners – the Five Star Movement, the right-wing Lega and former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia – abstained in the vote and therefore refused to support Draghi.

The three parties, to varying degrees, accused the head of government of paying too little attention to their political issues. As a result, Draghi’s attempt to secure a majority in the Senate to continue his national unity government failed.

“Draghi will submit his next resignation”, Rüdiger Kronthaler, ARD Rome, on the government crisis in Italy

Morning Magazine, July 21, 2022

“Quick Elections”

The leader of the ruling Social Democratic PD party, Enrico Letta, says he assumes there will be new elections: “Then Italians will be able to choose between those who loyally supported this government and those who wanted to bury the government for partisan tactical reasons and have already started their election campaign to have.”

There must be new elections no later than 70 days after the dissolution of parliament, with October 2 being the most likely date.

Good prospects for the candidate on the right

According to the latest polls, a right-wing alliance made up of the post-fascist party of the Brothers of Italy, the Lega and Forza Italia, currently has the best chance of winning. The leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, was confident last night: “It confirms what the Brothers of Italy have said since the beginning of the Draghi government. That it cannot function in a parliamentary republic if everything and the otherwise ruled everything together,” she said. “For us, the record of this government and this legislature is extremely bad.”

Meloni, a former member of a neo-fascist party, has for months been Italy’s most popular politician, behind Draghi. Meloni can hope to become Draghi’s successor in power.

Source www.tagesschau.de

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